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What we’re about

For thousands of years, men and women in remote parts of the world have meditated on the Divine Feminine & Masculine. Men have found honoring the feminine as a path to spiritual growth & liberation, as have women. This group teaches relationship skills, inspired by the teachings of Tantra Yoga, with an emphasis on helping women & men feel safe to express their preferences and desires. This helps each person release old patterns which no longer serve them. This practice of conscious loving assists with personal growth and lasting unions of enlightening Love. We combine ancient wisdom with contemporary techniques, including, ideas from the Kama Sutra, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Orgasmic Meditation, Aqua Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, and other practices which invite the Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine to show up & dance their journey of awakening & mutual fulfillent.

Teresa offers couples private, 3-Hour TANTRA for COUPLES afternoon & early evening workshops for each couple, to ensure a sense of safety & privacy. You select your prefered date. Note: No nudity involved.

Hatha Yoga is suggested as preparation for Tantra Yoga. It is said that Hatha was created to support one's Tantric progress. Buddha purportedly said, "Tantra is the fastest way to enlightenment, but the most arduous", ostensibly, because of the provocative nature of intimate unions.

There are ~

5 Love Languages 

5 Food Groups for Domestic Bliss

5 Colors of Tantra: White, Pink, Red, Grey & Black 

...and infinite ways to honor your Beloved. 

Learn the communication skills, meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and various romantic paradigms; discover better ways to flirt, once you recognize your fetishes & fantasies. Teresa has been helping couples consciously co-create more fulfilling Love lives for over 20 years. 

Level up your relationship skills while "Dancing with the Mystical Feminine".

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