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When you’re talking about innovation in Edmonton, the potential is endless. From the sticky problems we solve to the brilliant people who solve them, this has always been a place that sees opportunity instead of barriers, that supports and encourages one another, and a place where people come to do big things – because they can. Edmonton Unlimited is all about harnessing the power of possibility and bringing the best of Edmonton to the world. It is welcoming, inclusive and unconstrained by traditional definitions of innovation, business or entrepreneurship. Learn more at EdmontonUnlimited.com.

A HUGE thank you to all of the incredible volunteer organizers that give of their time and expertise to present meetups every month.
If you had any questions, shoot us an email at hello@edmontonunlimited.com or follow us on Twitter at @EdmontonUnltd
We're always on the search for new meetups! If you're interested in starting an innovation meetup, drop us a line at hello@startupedmonton.com and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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Open Hardware Meetup

State & Main

This month is our Christmas Social at the State and Main Restaurant at Southgate. So, come have some good food, and conversation to kick off the holiday season!!!

If you received a Christmas Tree kit, and have completed it, or even if you got stuck, please bring it along to show us your progress.

What is Open Hardware?

The Open Hardware Meetup is a place where all kinds of people can share an interest in the intersection of hardware, software, connectivity, and user experience. When combined, these elements create a new art which blends the lines of beauty and technology.

Even as computing devices have become more powerful, the underlying technology is now more and more available for everyone. With a few mouse clicks, overnight shipping, and a few hours work, you can build your own versions of ground-breaking products based on simple open platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Galileo, Edison, and more. Even better, you can create something that has not physically existed. It is the flexibility and power of computing, expressed in physical, tangible form.

Who is it for?
Everyone is welcome, from casual observers to nascent hobbyists to advanced techs. Presentations will range from beginner how tos, to highlighting cool projects from Edmonton and Alberta. There is almost always food before and drinks after. We’re always open to new speakers and topics as requested by our members.

Examples of things we’ve done
-learn to solder,
-basics of arduino,
-automated basketball robots from a local high school team
-projected surfaces and their use in theatre set design,
-magnetic computer displays for the visually impaired

Examples of things we want to do
-lighting, home automation, wearables, drones/navigation, 3D printing, arduino, raspberry Pi, beaglebone and other open hardware platforms.
-build days, similar to hackathon, where a group of people with varying skills create and finish projects
-specialty sub-clusters where people can specialize in wearables, lighting and home automation, maker technology, and drones

We welcome you to Open Hardware Meetup and together we’ll create wow.

Weekly Dev Chat

Online event

A casual virtual weekly chat that is open to everyone and anyone. A place to ask questions, hear different view points, and, most importantly, meet fellow developers.

Every week there is a new initial software development topic posted on Dev Edmonton Slack to get the discussion started:


Sometimes we discus the initial topic the entire chat, other times the topic changes several times through the natural flow of the conversation. If you have a initial topic suggestion please post it to the #meetup-weekly-chat channel:


Please contact me if you have any suggestions to improve the chat or have any trouble connecting.

Hope to see you at the chat.

P.S. - Zoom link for chat is under the Online Event section of this Meetup event and is visible once you register. The Zoom link is also posted on the Dev Edmonton Slack.

Edmonton Women in Machine Learning & Data Science

Startup Edmonton HQ

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Edmonton chapter of WiMLDS. We aim to create a welcoming space for everybody, particularly women and gender minorities, to talk and learn about ML and DS.

WiMLDS's mission is to support and promote women and gender minorities who are practicing, studying or are interested in the fields of machine learning and data science. We create opportunities for members to engage in technical and professional conversations in a positive, supportive environment by hosting talks, technical workshops, networking events and hackathons. We are inclusive to anyone who supports our cause regardless of gender identity or technical background. However, in support of our mission, priority for certain events and opportunities will be given to women and gender minority members.

Our Code of Conduct ( https://github.com/WiMLDS/starter-kit/wiki/Code-of-conduct ) is available online and applies to all our spaces, both online and off.

• Follow @Edmonton_WiMLDS (https://twitter.com/WiMLDS_Edmonton) on Twitter for Edmonton WiMLDS news or visit http://wimlds.org to learn about our chapters in other cities.

• Women & gender minorities are invited to join the global WiMLDS Slack group by sending an email to [masked].

Edmonton Python User Group

Online event

We aim to foster a strong, supportive, and proficient Python community in the Edmonton area (and abroad!). Everyone interested in any aspect of Python development is welcome to join.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Each week, we will listen to presentations and discuss Python news and events.

Visit https://www.edmontonpy.com for more information.

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