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What we’re about

English / Japanese language exchange community. Helping people study English and Japanese in Vancouver and abroad.

For the language exchange, you must be a native speaker of either English or Japanese to attend. It is a casual place to practice and improve your spoken language as well as make friends at the same time. *this is not a place to meet a partner*

English speaking & pronunciation classes available for any ESL learners. The classes are run by a professional English coach and the owner of MakeMeNative: Canada Sensei.
Private or Group English coaching also available from our website at

Q. How long have you been organising this event?
A. I started organising language exchanges in 2013 under the name Benkyoukai. I started using the name Eiwakai in 2018.

Q. Do you work with any company?
A. No, Eiwakai is not affiliated with any outside business or company - I do this by myself. I do run a small school called CanadaSensei

Q. So you have always worked alone?
A. I started Benkyoukai alone in 2013 and ran it under the name Nihoneigo where I provided people with cultural activities. From 2015 to 2018 I worked together with JPCanada留学センター and we ran Benkyoukai with their name. When I left JP Canada, I left the name with them and started Eiwakai.

Q. Do you charge any money?
A. Please see the event details of the events

Q. Where can I change my membership?
A. You can do this here:

Q. Do you have plans to do more exchanges or other events?
A. Actually, yes. We have started a new Korean exchange called "Enkor". Please check it out:

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