• We're Back! 英和会 Japanese/English Language Exchange

    Needs a location

    English & Japanese Language Exchange. Saturday from 11:30am.
    Waves coffee @ corner of Hastings & Richards (492 W. Hastings)

    Native English speakers & Native Japanese speakers only

    You can join or leave at any time you would like.

    We're celebrating our 9th year of language exchange! We started as a small group in 2013 and have been a big part of the Japanese community since then! We hope to welcome you to the community :D

    Waves Coffee on the corner of Richards and Pender
    (near Waterfront) map: https://goo.gl/maps/cvAFwXm9pes

    Presenting: 【 EIWAKAI 】
    This is a play on words meaning an "English" and "Japanese" meeting.

    It is a casual get together to help each other learn English and Japanese. We will have an optional topic and also activity for anyone who wants to be a little more serious about studying.

    After a long hiatus (break because of COVID), we're finally back! Come say hello and let's exchange language!

    Please invite your friends!

    This time, we're going to have a limit of 30 people so that everyone has a seat. Please be courteous to everyone. Masks are recommended. Please avoid shaking hands as much as possible.

    If you have any questions you would like to ask about English or Japanese, please bring them along and someone will be able to help you.