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What we’re about

Are you an Empath?
- Do you pick up other people’s energy?
- Do you find it hard to be in large groups?
- Do you need to rest after interacting with others?
- Are you an intuitive healer?
. . . Then you may be an Empath!

You will learn how energy effects you as Empath; why you may feel tired and lethargic all the time and have a difficult time getting things done. Being an Empath is a gift, however real skills are needed to manage this gift so it does not become a liability. \


Join me and other Empaths in a fun, relaxed, calm space and learn why your energy is so vital to the world right now and how you can protect it.
This meetup is for Empaths who want to understand their gifts and learn practical and easy tips to create mental well being for optimal peak performance. A wholistic mind, body, spirit approach is taken to help you create the business and life that you envision. You will learn about how meditation and mindfulness practices can improve your work performance and your life. We will talk about the latest discoveries from neuroscience and how you can literally "train your brain." This meetup will be a fun, relaxed, inclusive space to explore how amazing and powerful your mind is and how wonderfully it can serve you. We will have the opportunity to try out the strategies discussed and see the myriad of ways that exist to tap into your true potential. We pick up where other meetups leave off.
This meetup is also for those that want to support empaths in their lives and understand how to support them.
We will meet for relaxing tea time with guided imagery journeys and also have workshops where you can explore your skills and take them to the next level.
I look forward to creating this community with you:)


Dr. Eva