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What we’re about

Hello!  We Inspire Women for Success in Tech.  (Sorry guys.... this group is just for the ladies!) 

We are bringing women together to find solutions for career issues we face in tech:

• What do you face as you navigate the tech landscape?

• What do you need for a successful transition to the next move in your career?

We help address and remove barriers and blocks through in-person meet-ups, workshops, and more. *We also offer one-on-one coaching for women feeling "stuck" in their career or job search. For availability  and pricing contact Dr Carol ( 

Our goal is to help you confidently map your next career move in tech, overcome some of the issues and constraints that hold you back, as well as prepare you for your next interview.

How can you get involved or learn more about us? Check out our website, and join our Slack channel!


If you would like to host or sponsor an event, promote your brand, product or service online or at an event, or recruit from our network of talented and diverse professionals, e-mail me @ <br>