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234,956 WordPress enthusiasts from 575 Pro groups

"Each person comes to the project with different life experiences and needs, and we all learn from one another."

19,643 outdoor adventure loving ladies from 37 Pro groups

"The Bold Betties community helps women discover their bold. We connect women with nature, one another, and themselves. We are all about pushing our limits and getting outside our comfort zones."

10,620 fantastic fathers from 34 Pro groups

"City Dads Group is a diverse community of fathers dedicated to being active in our children's lives. Our Meetups bring dads together for playdates, Dads' Nights Out, educational workshops, and special events."

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Once you start a group, Meetup goes to work. We'll announce your group to the right members in our 37M strong global community. Before you know it, you'll have members joining your community and showing up at your events.

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Through branded experiences, sponsorship options, and the ability to build communities from scratch, Meetup Pro makes it easy to find members and communities that align with your goals. Our algorithms do all the searching so you can focus on staying in touch.

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Track member engagement and event performance through key metrics and comparisons. Learn what makes your communities tick so you can optimize your outreach.

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Let us help you find them. Get started with a free trial of Meetup Pro and experience the support of a dedicated community team. We’ll make sure you connect with your audience—in real life, wherever you are.

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