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Thank you for interest in our MeetUps. For now these events are on hold. Due to Covid-19 we, like so many others, had to suspend our Live events

Members and Guest Speakers who were lined up for the coming months will have their presentation times once we start up in person sessions again. No one will lose their opportunity to present to our members. 

Stay tuned for how we will implement on-line ways to connect during these times. Please check out our Events page for Access 2 Accessibility to keep up to date on On-Line and Live events . 

Follow Access 2 Accessibility on its other social media platforms, have discussions here in the discussion forum, join the Entrepreneurs & Professional, with Disabilities closed group for private discussions (find on Access 2 Accessibility Facebook page).
Together we can stay connected and help each other through this trying time which will come to an end and we will return to our regular routines. Until then, let's support one another and find ways to occupy our time as we wait this out.
Entrepreneurs & Professionals, with Disabilities Network MeetUp is presented by Access 2 Accessibility (A2A). We want to help support, empower, encourage, network and be a resource for career minded people with visible, and invisible, disabilities. If you are currently an entrepreneur/professional or considering to become one soon then come join like minded individuals. Many successful individuals have visible, and hidden, disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, depression, anxiety and more. Our disabilities don't define us, together we can support one another, share, network etc. to help each other in our professional endeavours.

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MeetUp members can join our Closed Facebook group page to privately chat and interact with one another:
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