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Stillness and silence are powerful restorative forces and can connect you to a deeper sense of self beyond your concepts and ideas. Meditation cultivates this energy, and group practice magnifies it.

This Meetup group is used to manage events for the Eon Zen Center, led by Paul Gyodo, Sensei. Anyone with a sincere interest in meditation is welcome to all events, and beginners are encouraged! Monday evening sessions feature a short dharma talk, 25-40 minutes of sitting, group discussion and community time.

More information on Eon Zen Center can be found at www.eonzen.org.

Paul Gyodo, Sensei has practiced Zen meditation for over 25 years and received Dharma Transmission in the White Plum Zen lineage. We give instruction in traditional zazen forms.

Upcoming events (4+)

Eon Zen Center Virtual Morning Zazen

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Please join us, each Monday through Friday morning, for one or two periods of zazen to begin your day.

We begin at 6:20 am for the first period of sitting, then we have 10 minutes for walking meditation/break, then we ring the bell again at 7:00 for a second period, until 7:30, when we do a short chant.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/938321513
No need to RSVP

Meditation with the Earth

Arbor Institute

Join in Meditation with the Earth at 12pm on Friday at the south east corner of Central Park near 13th and Arapahoe across from the Arbor Institute at 1708 Arapahoe Ave.

Please bring your own cushion or chair, and a mat for ground protection as well as layers for warmth and comfort as needed. Snow, sun, wind, rain, no matter the weather, we are there, and all are welcome.

We ring the bell at 12:05 for a 30 minute period of meditation, followed by a brief sharing of our experience. Join for all or part of the meditation as you are called and able.

By practicing regularly in nature -- sitting in the elements, with the elements, as the elements -- we are able to experience greater intimacy with the earth and with the interdependency of all life.

During this time of profound of ecological change, we draw upon the Zen Peacemaker practice of bearing witness to help us to feel deeply, see clearly and act wisely to nurture a healthy, thriving planet.

Invite your friends. All are welcome.

Eon Zen Sangha Serving Dinner at Boulder Homeless Shelter

Boulder Homeless Shelter

On the fourth Friday of each month a group from the Eon Zen Sangha prepares and serves dinner through the Boulder Shelter to individuals who are currently experiencing homelessness.

This event is open to people who regularly practice with our meditation group and friends/family. It is a great opportunity to bring mindfulness into service -- and it's a lot of fun, too!

Learn more about Eon Zen Sangha engaged buddhism practice at eonzen.org/social-action.

IMPORTANT: Everyone volunteering is required to be fully vaccinated for COVID. Please follow this link to complete the volunteer application prior to the day of service if you haven't done so already. Select “Eon Zen Center” as your group affiliation.

Notes for attendees:

  • Please plan on arriving in time to be signed in by 5:30pm. We will finish by 7:45pm.
  • Please make sure to bring a face masks. Masks are required to be worn at all times for Covid safety.
  • Please make sure to wear close-toed shoes, and appropriate clothing. There are aprons in the kitchen, but they are not guaranteed to be clean, so you are welcome to bring your own if you would like.
  • When you arrive at the shelter (4869 Broadway), go to the northwest side and look for the glass door entrance in the parking lot. The door will be locked but there is a button to request a staff member to come let you in.

Once you are in the building:

  1. Ask the staff to direct you to the kitchen if it is your first time.
  2. Go in to the kitchen and check in with the kitchen lead.
  3. Sign in on the iPad in the kitchen using your volunteer number (our coordinator will send this to you before your shift, or you can ask the shelter staff)
  4. Follow the guided steps to sign in on the iPad
  5. If you have a jacket or bag, you can keep it in the kitchen area or ask a staff member to bring you to “Dorm Supply” if you prefer to leave these items in a secured area of the shelter during your shift. This is also where the restroom is located should you need to use it while you are here.
  6. Follow the guidance of the kitchen lead for your tasks and have fun being of service! :o) All food is provided and there is a menu of what we're going to make and serve.
  7. Meal prep is from 5:15-6:00pm and dinner service is from 6:00-7:15pm. We then take about 15-30 minutes to cleanup and put away food before going to sign out.
  8. Make sure to sign yourself out of the system on the tablet before leaving.

Thank you for taking part in this service opportunity. Please let us know if you have any questions.

****For all, please also review (or re-review) the volunteer guidelines here. The main things to keep in mind are washing hands/wearing gloves, and kitchen safety.


Zen Meditation and Dharma Sharing

Boulder Shambhala Center


Join us every Monday evening in-person for meditation, dharma words and community at the Boulder Shambhala Center in Boulder in-person at 1345 Spruce Street at the corner of 14th. We meet on the second floor. Enter on Spruce.

You can also join online via Zoom with this link:

All in-person attendees must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Masks are optional.

If you attend regularly, we invite you to explore becoming a group or student member. https://www.eonzen.org/join

We suggest a non-member donation of $10 to support the cost of the space rental. We invite you to give based upon your means, and all are welcome, regardless. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Donations may be made via Paypal at:

Monday Evening Program:
6:00 Zazen
6:15 Dharma Words
6:35 Zazen
7:05 Discussion
7:25 Announcements
7:30 End

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Zen Meditation and Dharma Sharing

Boulder Shambhala Center


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