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What we’re about

Calling everyone who is interested in esports and wants to see it grow into an exciting business with tons of passion and great career opportunities. You can be a gamer, a streamer, a caster, an influencer, a techie, a data analyst, a community, a game strategist, an artist, a content creator, a coach, a designer, a league organiser, a marshal, a brand owner, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a marketer, a business owner, an enthusiast, anyone of the above or just someone who is simply interested in finding out more about esports. <br>

Simple rules of engagement – learn from and respect each other. Some might know more, some might know less. Sharing encourages growth for all and the esports industry. My absolute respect and gratitude to all of your support of this meet-up. Last but not least; ask politely, decline gently! <br>

esports has been growing strongly around the world and we believe the best is yet to come in Southeast Asia and Singapore. There are new business opportunities as well as broadening scope of career opportunities emerging. We think there are a number of factors inextricably intertwined with the fortunes of the esports industry. The fan base has to continue to grow. The number of industry professionals has to grow to support the number of tournaments and community events. As fan base and tournament activities are expanding, third-party financial support and brand owners will need to figure out the right level of return-on-investment and relevant proposition for their participation. <br>

The purpose of this meetup is to collectively create great ideas for events, business opportunities, career opportunities, engagement for those involved in esports and build this into a thriving and rewarding industry. <br>

This meetup is organised by utoocentral. <br>

utoocentral is a crowdsourcing platform for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are best positioned to help each other and an industry to grow. We believe esports will give rise to plenty of new and interesting business opportunities.