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The Evergreen Tandem Club has promoted the joy of tandem riding since 2001. We are a collection of tandem enthusiasts who love to ride in a variety of locations sharing the adventure with others.  Our goal is to sponsor and support tandem bicycling events throughout the Pacific Northwest. We post member-led rides, workshops and social events that appeal to those interested in tandems at just about any level. Evergreen Tandem Club rides are open to MeetUp members who ride tandem or want to learn about tandem riding. Due to insurance regulations, MeetUp members may ride ONE TIME with ETC before becoming paid members to enjoy the benefits and safety of riding with a group. The cost of membership is $25 per year per team (includes both captain and stoker.)  
If you are interested in a venue for socializing and sharing tips, questions, routes and photos with other tandem enthusiasts, we invite you to join our Facebook ETC "Group." 
ETC also maintains an **ETC Facebook "Page" **where we include links to our official Meetup website events and rides.

Upcoming events (3)

Groundhog Day

Log Boom Park

So it’s Groundhog Day so of course this is a repeat of the Jan 22 ride. Kind of. Yes we’ll be on the Burke near Lake Forest Park and of course we’ll use 520. Come find out how we fill in the rest! 29 miles 1600’ of climbing


Note that 2 unpaved sections are shown. The first is very wide and very hard packed. The second is actually paved.

Steady rain cancels, current forecast is dry.

7th Annual Eating and Dreaming in Tandem Winter Potluck

Sunset West Condominium Apartments

It's time for our seventh annual opportunity to dream about a fantastic summer tandem trip while eating in tandem with your fellow club members.

The Potluck will follow the script pretty much from the past 6 very successful winter potlucks & presentations. Start arriving at noon, with nibbling and sipping to start when a few nibble-able and sip-able items appear, then full lunch starting about 12:30. 'Round about 1:30 we'll start our vicarious vacationing, with dessert to follow the presentation. Please bring a shareable quantity of your favorite comestible and either surprise us, or let us know ahead of time (in comments below) in hopes we don't have 4 versions of the same thing. Coffee and tea, both of them in caffeinated and decaf versions, will be provided. You are also welcome to bring along a beverage of your choice.

ETC members Paul Dutky and Dianne Iverson have tandemed through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria, but thanks to the pandemic turned their 2021 tandeming closer to home. They will share with us a beautiful trip in eastern Oregon that they rode with their Redmond Oregon friends Suzanne Painter and Keith Wetzel. The beauty of rural, eastern Oregon on a bike in June will be self-evident.

Northwest Tandem Rally


Northwest Tandem Rally, Registration is open and discounted until Oct 31.


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520 Loop

City of Lake Forest Park City Hall