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What we’re about


Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Service Professionals


"What goals would YOU like to finally achieve?"

- Have Better Communication Skills with Friends, Family, Co-Workers .... Your BOSS??

- Achieve a dramatic increase in income - Without a dramatic increase in Work and Stress??

- Gain the ability to maintain an unshakable positive attitude - Regardless of the situation??

- Attract more money - Without having to compromise your values or integrity??

- Stay in balance - Emotionally, Spritually, Physically and FINANCIALLY??

Sound Impossible? Its Not.

Here's the FACTS ...

YOU have the natural ability to achieve ALL of these objectives - and more.

But first you must STOP and accept that your present thoughts, feelings and actions need to change.

Isn't time to end the excuses, stop blaming others and FINALLY take control of your life - Without life controlling YOU?

Isn't time to Evolve?

Introducing ...

The Evolve YOUniversity MeetUp

This life changing personal development program will exceed the boundaries of any Mastermind, Small Business Marketing or Sales training group you have ever experienced.

Evolve U’s Holistic Performance MashUp (HPM) synthesizes the very best personal/performance development methodologies and philosophies together with whole-personal (mind, body, emotion) development, delivering:

* the open, trusted professional sharing of a mastermind group

* the impact and resonance of breakthrough sessions

* the deep education of intensive educational curriculum

* the energy and focused-purpose of a retreat

* the consistency and follow through of personal training

* the staying power/recall of a true application-based education

NEW Classes will be forming shortly - stay tuned for more announcements!

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