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What we’re about

Our focus is to recognize the light and divinity in each and every person - in you!
Our mission is to build community and connection with like minded spiritual explorers, light workers, those actively serving the awakening of consciousness on planet Earth. We go into current Earth events, spiritual and evolutionary shifts happening on Earth and in our personal life as well. We discuss the soul transformation journey or process and how this is applicable to our everyday life.

We explore experiential tools for awakening our senses and intuitive awareness of life. We support each other in working through mental-emotional blocks that limit our full expression of loving creative expression.

Enjoy the safe space we're creating here. Your Life Force finds awareness through the mirrors of others. Get to know some of the members - make new friends. We're up to something big here . . . together. Trust in the massive benefits that are available. The combined energy of a group with common intention is always more powerful than going it alone.

Commit to 100% confidentiality - always. Create trust by being trustworthy, and your willingness to be real, authentic, open, and vulnerable.

Keep your RSVP up to date so others can join if you can't.

Support and encourage yourself and others. Avoid judging, criticizing, or blaming. Know you are in a safe community by helping it feel safe. Be watchful of your negative reactions to shares or comments from others. Their challenges may be triggering yours. If you feel a negative reaction toward a member, get curious about which of your triggers are messing with you. Use this as a safe playground to intercept and shift how your triggers impact your relationships . . . a reaction to a member can be a powerful microcosm of your relationships on the whole.

Ask for others thoughts and ideas if you’d like an opinion.