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What we’re about

Are you creative?  Do you love sharing ideas, and play well with others? This is the group for you! Join other passionate individuals in exploring the world of ideas, self-expression, creativity, and experimentation.  

It’s perfect for professional and amateur creatives of all types (photographers, performers, graphic artists, writers, singers/songwriters, comedians, musicians, film makers, dancers....) as well as educators/experts/authors, thought leaders, and those of us that are just happy to ham it up. Do you enjoy participating by being an appreciative audience member? Or learning new things? Great-- you can join, too!  

In addition to networking, and fun events where we can share our talents, we will also be offering opportunities for discussion and learning around the creative process, self-expression and communication, including cultivating creativity and using improv and play for problem solving, culture building, and personal growth work.  

The possibilities are endless! Examples of types of events:

  • Blatant Plug Talent Show (where networking meets the Gong Show)
  • Themed Art Salons
  • Rant Battles
  • Show and Tell Nights
  • Creative Collisions Events
  • Soap Box Competitions
  • Game Shows
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Improv & Comedy
  • Multimedia Dance Events
  • Chanting & Singing
  • Theater
  • Songwriting & Open Mics
  • Team Games
  • Open Space
  • Performance Art
  • Mock Debates
  • Lightening Talks
  • Slams
  • Storytelling
  • Indie Films and Video
  • Sketch Comedy

Started in 2012 by Trish Blain, this meetup is one of the local pathway groups of NonOrdinary Society ( that offers new paradigm training and community for lovers of life and evolving edge facilitators and leaders. See a list of our groups HERE. (  

If you have questions or would like to be a partner with us, contact Trish at  

Our Meetup History  
We have found that meetup attracts the kind of people we love — curious, passionate, renaissance creatives that care about the world and community.  
Before the pandemic, we held over 300 events and expanded into 7 cities based on partnership requests. Organized into eight "Pathways" of compelling topics, we were having a blast experimenting and growing our meetup network to over 50,000 subscribers.  

Our Meetup Groups in 2023   
We are excited to be offering meetup events again as ‘drop-in community’ experiences. They are a great way to get a low-risk introduction to NonOrdinary and to meet each other! Our Meetups are public events and are also listed in our Facebook group and on Eventbrite.   

Cultivating Community   
Skilled community is more important than ever; while we can offer ‘drop-in’ events through Meetup, we believe cultivating skills together over time is required to have a sustainable, rich, and productive community of badass collaborators. This requires a different container than can offer, which is why we are hosting our training community, NonOrdinary Society, on our own platform. You can learn more at