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What we’re about

Do you have a hard time explaining to friends and family exactly what you do for a living? Do you work from home, spending most of your day in front of the computer in your pajamas as your cat glares disapprovingly in your direction? Or the local coffee spot, shamelessly freeloading on WiFi all day for the price of a grande latte? Are your business hours from "whenever I wake up" to "I can barely keep my eyes open?”

Sounds like you've got a Fake Internet Job!

We're coders, designers, consultants, creative freelancers, small business owners, and startup entrepreneurs. For years, we've worked in solitude, growing our businesses and social networks online, blissfully unaware of our real-life surroundings. But after accumulating a small network of human friends (quite by accident, I'm sure), we begun to discover that community offers unexpected benefits. Whether it's an opportunity to talk through a problem, to bounce an idea off not-your-spouse, or to be inspired by a serendipitous encounter, there's something about being around smart, creative, ambitious people that legitimately improves our health, happiness, and productivity.

We want to build that kind of community here, in Long Beach, in real life, where we can breathe the same air and occupy the same map coordinates from time to time.

These will be strictly casual meetups. No presentations. No networking. No business. Just fun, relaxed field trips and social gatherings in the middle of the day, when everyone else we know is at a real job. As they endure the soul-crushing security of recognizable career paths with benefits and established business hours, we'll be engaging in light-hearted conversation over refreshments, neighborhood exploration, and possibly games. Sometimes we'll just cowork and chill, because working for ourselves shouldn't always mean working by ourselves.

We're here to make friends and learn about eachother's meta-human super powers. Friends who are as smart, creative, and ambitious as we like to think we are. Friends who also have a Fake Internet Job.

Look, if nothing else, this is your chance to shower and put on your going-outside clothes.

If you think this is the meetup you've been waiting for, but you're not 100% sure, just ask us. We'll be brutally honest with you. (Spoiler alert: IT IS.)

JOIN NOW. Our next meetup is happening soon, and space is limited!