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Welcome to Feet First … One of Auckland's longest running , and very popular walking and hiking groups..Founded in 2010 by Stephen F.

Events with lots of fresh air..and outdoor fun with other people..

We welcome all who like to walk in the wilderness , as we stop lots to rest and relax, take photos..and talk about what what we are seeing ..instead of rushing quickly from A to B, and to the end ...

Exercise is important however so is the strong social interaction between people and that's what's makes Feet First Events Interesting and fun..join us and find out ..we are a group that has been going for ten years..

Please note..No guests, dogs, children, or smokers, or those using a drone are welcome.

Please leave your responsibilities at home and come along and enjoy our amazing outdoor experiences...get some exercise...and make new friends .

Feet First is one of the longest running Meet Up Walking and Adventure Groups in Auckland establishing itself in 2010 by its Organiser and Main Walking Guide Stephen French, a long time resident of Auckland who has spent decades roaming and exploring the many parks, tracks and trails around Auckland and throughout New Zealand .

Along with Mike K and Boyd and other Event Leaders , we believe, Feet First, offers an unique walking experience in nature in Auckland, with lots of enthusiasm and good times to be had, by all the different members from many countries that come out with us..Here's hoping you do too !


FEET FIRST is ideal for people wanting easy to medium graded guided Urban Walks and Hikes of around 4 to 6 hours on an event on a Saturday or a Sunday covering about 8 to 10km . Sometimes more ..sometimes less. We stop lots along the way to take in the views and relax..

We do a mixture of guided coast, bush and urban walks within a few hours drive of the CBD and sometimes a little further some weekends.. It is assumed you like nature, and photography and slowing down and looking around when walking on tracks or trails or at a local park or reserve in our urban areas... at a slower pace than a hiking group sometimes.. plus interacting socially with other members and enjoy taking photographs ...if not this group may not suit your needs as we are more than just walking quickly from A to B then C .

You will learn about the local history and environment and information on Auckland's history and wildlife and plants and trees .

We Carpool/ Share rides to get to our Events, and it's up to you to be proactive prior to an event you like, to arrange transportation or drive your own car, and its better to share your journey with another FF Member who contributes money towards petrol.

Our Events are graded in difficulty on a scale of 1-5 , and if you are an active regular Walker, or new to Auckland's outdoor activities, there will be a local or out of town trip that may interest you .

We ask for a $2 Gold coin donation on the event you attend to go towards the Meet Up Website.


Unlike most other Meet Up Hiking Groups , on Feet First we also take the time, to slow down and look around ..while we are out walking in nature, to learn other things such as the names of native trees, the birds we hear, and often see, and some of pioneering history that Stephen likes to share.

This is where this group is different. So come prepared to Slow Down and Look Around ...

Sometimes we stop and listen to the sounds of nature too..for a few minutes, a special time to be still and practice mindfulness , to relax and not to use your camera, and just hear the wind in the trees, the drops of rain, or the many hundreds sounds that are often missed by lots of talking and rushing quickly through the forest ..


It's up to you to come prepared with grippy shoes and carry everything in a small backpack with your lunch, water and snacks for the days hike.

Check out our previous photo's from our past Events to see the wide range of outdoor activities we do, camping, social night hikes, and recently ( 2017 March 18th ) we were filmed by a Japanese Film Crew making a documentary on What to Do when visiting Auckland, as part of a the Sky Network, Bravo TV, and they followed us through the bush, to spot some kauri trees ,and cross streams and we learned about other things nature has waiting for you too , to explore with us.

More things about what to wear, or bring along on our events, and carpooling, is listed on the Event listed normally a week before our hikes or urban walks so you have time to arrange transportation amongst each other.


So join us, and walk yourself happy in and around Auckland with Feet First on a weekend that suits you!

Thanks for stopping by ..

Slow Down and Look Around next time you go walking outdoors..


Stephen F. ( Plus Mike , Boyd & Steve )

Feet First Organisers


Upcoming events (5)

Mercer Bay Coastal And Bush Loop & Karekare Beach & Photography Adventure

This is an excellent route along the cliff tops walking down and up trails to Karekare beach..Incredible coastal views and photography opportunities...Open to all active Feet First Members.. Limited to 40 Members.. PLEASE ANSWER THE RSVP QUESTION AND READ ALL THE DETAILS. THIS IS NOT AN EASYWALK FOR ANYONE NEW OR UNFIT .. 🌼 Let's get out walking in Aucklands magnificent Waitakere Ranges, about an hours easy drive from Queen St on Saturday 19th October.....includes a cliff top walkway..black sand beach..and a large waterfall for lunchtime swimming opportunities..for the brave..🤓 Starting from a carpark between Piha and Karekare Beaches...a place I've been exploring for decades.. Come and see why.. 🔊This 5 hour plus hiking adventure will test your overall fitness as it's a fairly demanding walk..offering extremes in both scenery and terrain...done Feet First style, stopping lots to rest and enjoy the views...And is rated at a medium difficulty hike... 🔊Note - We are Not walking on any closed tracks due to Kauri Die-back .. 🔊 Please answer the RSVP question which determines your interest and participation..Thanks. 🔊RSVP Numbers will be capped at 40 as we are heading into the busy walking season. 🌼🌼 The Mercer Bay Clifftops Trail going down to Karekare Beach then back up.. is one of my all time favourite places to hike... and offers spectacular views of this west coast area, rich in historic interest...where many Kauri trees were cut down and transported further south to Whatipu..to be shipped overseas in the late 1800's ...many Kauri ending up in places like America for building of houses..and for boat masts..and even firewood...The carpark where we meet was also a radar station during the second world war and some excellent information panels can be read explaining the history here if you're curious...😎 This Event will be of particular interest if you're new to hiking.. or simply want to enjoy Auckland's most popular wilderness area in the company of other Feet First members...for a decent all day hike..so a great level of stamina and fitness is required...however we stop lots to take in the magnificent views and talk about a few plants and trees.. Combining wild surf beaches,Bush clad hills, a beautiful waterfall, resonating bird song, old and new beach homes..and the mystery and serenity of the raw beauty Mercer Bay and Karekare has.. 🔊When - Saturday October 19th . 🔊Meet and Greet is 9.30 am. ( Small carpark so we need to be early as popular place for the public ) . 🔊With a finish around 4pm. 🔊About 10km of mixed terrain walking. 🔊Open to all Members that enjoy slowing down and looking around.. . 🌱🌲🌷🌺🥀🤗🍂🍃 🛑About 5 hours walking..plus extra for lunch and a waterfall visit...swimming opportunities..bring a towel..and your camera.. 🛑Medium level of difficulty, won’t bother regular hikers. On our scale of difficulty this is mostly a 3 out of 5. Good fitness and stamina required as there are some steep hill climbing trails.. Check your gear and come prepared with grippy shoes. 🌲🌳Option after to go to Piha or Elevation Cafe for refreshments . .and a beer on the way home.. 🛑Bring - Hiking clothing for cold exposed weather, or sunshine..its often a combination of both in Auckland during Spring..😊 A hiking pole is also useful for some of the steeper sections, particularly downhill.. 🛑Where Meeting? - End of Log Race Road which starts on Te Ahu Ahu Rd. Off Piha Rd. Look for Large Cell Phone Tower. 🛑Toilets at meeting place and after lunch .. 🛑Cost - $2 Gold coin or donation towards website is appreciated. 😊Food - Bring your own lunch, snacks, fruit and enough water etc or carry a thermos of tea. . Small personal first aid items are helpful too. Sticking plasters etc.. ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Suggest carpooling. Please comment when you rsvp whether you need a lift / can offer lifts, which part of Auckland and your mobile number. It’s up to you to arrange this among yourselves in the next week or two .. Suggest giving $15 petrol . 🛑🛑Be sure to read all the details before you RSVP. ☺😊🌿🌼 I look forward to sharing this Saturday Feet First Wilderness Walk and Photography Adventure in the Waitakere Ranges with you all soon..! 🤗😆😊😁🌺😚 Cheers .. Stephen F . Feet First Wilderness Walking Guide.. Mob[masked]

40 Plus Event - Motutapu Island to Rangitoto Island + Summit- 6hr Hike

Meet at Fullers Ferry Building Downtown or at Devonport Wharf on boat.., going to Rangitoto Island

Hi Anyone aged 40 and more.. Yep, this is another special event for Feet First members aged 40 or more ...only.. 😎 An all day event on Sunday 20th October leaving from Downtown Auckland at 9.15 am or Devonport at 9.25 am. 🔊🔊🦕 Update - I seriously recommend taking the Ferry from Devonport instead of Downtown Auckland as the Auckland marathon is on..Lots of streets closed and limited spaces available for parking..I'm going to take the train to Britomart instead. 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 This special event for anyone 40 and over...Is an opportunity to mix and mingle with similar topics of interest to talk about.., and walk at a slower pace suitable for our midlife status..and capabilities...😊 Love walking on Rangitoto or Motutapu Island? This Special Event combines walking on both islands.. Plus you get to enjoy a very scenic boat ride across the Auckland Harbour . All such wonderful outdoor pleasures on a Sunday now that the weather is finally getting warmer....so join us....Prepay your tickets at $36 return on the Fullers Ferry website ..See below.. Rangitito is one of the extinct volcanoes in Auckland, recently erupting 600 years ago, host to thousands of Pohutukawa trees . Motutapu is quite different, now mostly an open farm, it was a former American military base and has mainly easy graded tracks..with splendid Auckland harbour inner views.. We start off from a sandy beach on Motutapu..where the boat goes to at Home Bay...and then its mostly walking up and over open farmland...crossing over to Rangitoto Island .via a causeway...walk up to the summit..and perhaps take the alternative route down to McKenzie Bay...for a swim at the only white sand beach on Rangitoto.. We will decide on the day.. 🌈Meanwhlle...Please answer the RSVP question which determines your interest and participation. . 🔊🔊Purchase a return ticket for Motutapu Island.. On the day we inform the crew on the Ferry we will be departing from Rangitoto main wharf and not Home Bay where we arrive.. 🌈What - Feet First Island to Island Hike . For Members aged 40 or more...only. Motutapu Island to Rangitoto Island..One way through hike only.. opportunity for swimming and photography.. 🌈When - Sunday October 20th ..2019.. 🌈Meet and Greet is 9am Downtown Auckland or 9.25am Devonport at Fullers Ferry Building.. Best to go from Downtown Auckland..guaranty of getting on board Ferry if busy with general public.. Ferry leaves Rangitoto at 4pm for coming home.. Maximum group size is about 50 Feet First members..who are aged 40 or more.. 🌈No dogs, children or teenagers, smokers..drones .. 🌈About 6 hours of walking on a variety of terrain. Hard rock can be hard on your feet and knees. 🌈Distance to hike is around 12km. 🌈Strong outdoor shoes or boots and a hiking pole is seriously recommended.. We will stop to rest and take in the views...take pictures etc. ☘🌿🌈Graded Easy Medium if you're an active regular...Or more harder if you're new or never done 6 plus hours of hiking... About a 3 on our scale of difficulty out of 5. 🍃🍂🍀🌿☘ Both islands are full of historic areas and some fantastic walking trails are wide open for a large group to visit and explore.. 🌈Cost of Ferry service is $36 return. Book your tickets to Motutapu Island online at Fullers Ferry at www.fullers.co.nz https://www.fullers.co.nz/buy-tickets/pick-tickets/?from=AUCK&to=MOTP Either boarding at Downtown Auckland or at Devonport. Downtown carpark building on Sunday is $10 per car. Expressions of interest are welcome now.. 🌈🌈Meet and Greet is 9am ..with a finish around 5.pm. Ferry leaves Rangitoto to return at 4pm. 🌈🌈Pre booking of the Fullers Ferry service to Home Bay at Motutapu Island is essential. We will be then return to the city from the Wharf at Rangitoto Island. 🌈🌈 Bring along your backpack.. a raincoat, grippy shoes and boots or shoes and sun protection..Carry lots of water, at least two litres...energy snacks and your lunch. No shops on the Island, though some food available on the ferry. 🌈Beers available on board the Ferry on the way home...oh yeah .. And...We will return here again before Xmas for members of all ages..😊 Thanks for understanding.. Happy walking everyone... Cheers Stephen F. Mob[masked]

Labour Weekend - Saturday - Te Aroha 952 m Climb - Hare or Tortoise Route

Hi all.. RSVP are Now Open...Are you a Hare or a Tortoise? This Event is now open to all members..no restrictions..Consider staying overnight in Te Aroha and attending Sunday morning event at Waiere Falls.. 🔊Please Read as much as possible the Details of this Event climbing up Mount Te Aroha. This is mostly about health and safety and ours.. If you don't, you may wonder why there are Two options for this event. ..And other things happening on the same day, including hot pools and dinner at Austin's Cafe. 🔊🔊Please answer the RSVP questions.. which determines your interest and participation for this Event over Labour Weekend visiting the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park in the Southern Waikato area..about 2 plus hours of driving south of Auckland CBD. 🔊If you don't answer, your name will be automatically sent to the Not Going list. Thanks. 🌼🌼🌼 Looking ahead to Labour Weekend , on the 26th to 28th October, with Monday being a public holiday..Our group Feet First intends to climb up Mount Te Aroha on the Saturday morning...which is a great favorite of mine ...and many people...It offers a series of hiking trails, up and around Mt. Te Aroha within the Kaimai Mamaku Ranges , which is a 4km climb to the summit at almost 1000m taking around 4 hours of quite frankly, some difficulties..steep tracks and lots of uneven surfaces.. 🔊 However this time ..We will be offering Two different walking routes, and Two leaders...depending on your interest and fitness and stamina or interest in being on the Mountain... The Hares group is aimed at experienced Feet First members wanting to challenge themselves. The Tortoises Group will be a slower paced group not going to the summit, only the first lookout and another way down, stopping lots etc.. See below for more details.. 🌼Both groups start at the Te Aroha Domain Gardens next to the Information Centre. 🌼 Route Intentions for Mt Te Aroha are to offer two different options, with two leaders, and two. groups of Feet First members..The first group called The Hares and the second group on the same day called The Tortoises.. ⚠️Note - The Hares Group will be restricted to 35 Feet First Members that meet the RSVP criteria or you will become a Tortoise. 🔊Both groups will be based on different abilities and your different reasons to be outdoors so choose wisely ....to climb up Mt Te Aroha completely, or just part of ...which .is almost 1000 metres high if you're part of the Hares group..... which has seriously impressive views all over the Southern Waikato area on Saturday 27th October.. 🌼🌼🔊🔊 Overnight accommodation is also available , and reccomended in Te Aroha in an Airbnb or The Te Aroha Holidaypark which has cabins starting from $ 50 for two, camping sites also. Hot pools, and a Zip Line make this a fun place for your convenience, 9km from the Township which has a Countdown Supermarket and Cafes, including Austin's Bar and Bistro which we have a group booking for Saturday nights socializing and dinner.. ⚠️See here for accommodation inspiration.. http://www.tearohaholidaypark.co.nz/ Or Consider The Nunnery in Te Aroha township, single rooms start at $70 ... Amazing place..Highly reccomend. Book early to avoid missing out.. https://www.thenunnery.co.nz/ ⚠️⚠️As a number of members have already made their bookings, combining what's happening in Te Aroha with another Feet First group event , on Sunday afternoon in the Cambridge area, which features ' Afternoon/ Evening Kayaking . 🔊🔊 Meanwhile back to this Hiking Social Event on Saturday 26th October over Labour Weekend.. 🔊 Option 1, for the Hares, is a 4 hour hike virtually straight up Mt Te Aroha , a 4km hike on a combination of nice trails to the First Lookout, at Bald Spur and then the route changes to a more difficult hiking trail to the summit. ..some rough tracks for fit members who have strong legs and like a few challenges to reach the summit of Mt Te Aroha.....with several other trails to do if interested once at the top.. Either adding on Tui Mine Loop Track and down and around the base of the Mountain....which will be decided on the day, depending on the interest.., or return down same way. This longer option for the Hares will be at a quicker pace, so your fitness level must be high to cope with 6 hours of determined hiking. Your clothes and footwear etc and other equipment on the day..must be up to the standard required. 🔊Option Two, is for the Tortoises in Feet First led by Me.., is a slower paced hike taking 4 hours , only going to the first lookout at Bald Spur , and not the summit and looping back down another trail that also has a few challenges. However we will be stopping lots along the way, as Tortoise's do...chatting, relaxing...taking our time as a group...taking pictures, talking more about what we are seeing led by me ...with an alternative route down another trail..completing a loop track. ⚠️Then there's the opportunity after for exploring Te Aroha , soaking in the hot pools, and private tubs, then an early dinner etc..Meeting up with the Hares and the Tortoises and enjoying talking about the events of the Day..over a beer or in the hot pools... ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Plus if you're interested...other walking options on Sunday morning , if you're interested in staying overnight in Te Aroha or surrounding areas that will include a nearby trip to the popular Waiere Waterfalls, south of Te Aroha, and a morning walk on Monday if you're interested.. 🌼🌼PLEASE ANSWER THE RSVP QUESTIONS STATING IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN BEING A HARE OR A TORTOISE.. 🌼YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND ON THE DAY AS BOTH GROUPS MEET AT SAME PLACE. 🔊Meanwhile...If you are interested in staying overnight in Te Aroha OR Cambridge...Its best to look at these options Now, as bookings are essential for the Long Weekend when lots of other people leave Auckland for their Long Holiday Weekend.. Talk amongst yourselves and make some plans to get a cabin or Airbnb for 26th and 27th October. I have made my booking already. As it's a two hour plus drive south from Auckland. Help your driver out...Stay overnight in a cabin with another member at the Te Aroha Holiday Park or an Airbnb or in Cambridge if you're kayaking on Sunday evening. Some other Events will take place in the Cambridge Waikato area for those interested. 🌻 About Mount Te Aroha.. Mt Te Aroha is the highest mountain at the southern end of the Coromandel Ranges. The view from the summit is spectacular at 952m. With 360 degree views over the Kaimai Mamaku Mountain Range further south and the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. Mountains, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Taranaki are all visible on a clear day. The trail pathway up to the first Lookout at Bald Spur..was originally built in 1903 to encourage the health benefits of walking by the doctors at the turn of the century as Te Aroha was known as a Health Care provider and the soda springs were used for various purposes for healing. Doctors at the time considered the walk to the lookout a suitable slope for the Ortel treatment which suggested that graduated hill climbing was good for heart problems. From the Lookout the path becomes a steep track to the summit at 952m. As the track changes in altitude , the dense forest changes with rimu and miro trees, and silver beech becoming common. When - Saturday 26th October. 👍Meet and Greet is 10.30 am in Te Aroha by the Visitors Centre on Whitaker Street in the small township. Bring- Food and water and snacks for the day. Wear strong shoes or boots and a hiking pole is helpful. Thermal clothes should be carried as it can be quite cold at the summit. There is a shelter under the buildings at the top but bring something dry to sit on. 🔊🔊On our scale of difficulty ..this is a 4 out of 5 if going to the summit if you're a Hare . OR ...About a 2 out of 5 if only going to Lookout and other loop track down ..if you are a Tortoise.. 👍👍Check out Te Aroha Holiday Park for Bookings..Cabins start from $80 for two. Located 6km from the township we often stay here but eat in town... http://www.tearohaholidaypark.co.nz/ Or Contact the Owner - Anna - For Bookings and Enquiries. 027- 221- 2139 or[masked]. 🌲🌳🌵🌿🌴🌾Sunday options for anyone staying overnight are visiting nearby Waiere Waterfalls , a two hour return easy walk to Lookout or go ahead to the top and make it a weekend of big adventure .. 🍀🌵🌲🐮🌲Where Meeting- Te Aroha Visitor Centre. 102 Whittaker St. Park in front of Te Aroha Domain next door. 🍀🌲🌵🌴Carpooling..Organise this amongst yourselves prior to this all day and weekend trip..Add your mobile number and area where you live. Suggest you give your driver $ 30. 00 Cash to cover this 4 hour return trip. Meanwhile , Are you a Hare or a Tortoise ? Look forward to seeing you in Te Aroha end of October.. More details coming up.. Cheers Stephen French. Mob[masked]

Labour Weekend- Sunday - Waiere Waterfalls + Bush Walk - Near Matamata

Hi Everyone. As the long weekend called Labour Weekend is coming up..Monday is a Holiday..End of October. Let's enjoy a Sunday Hike to view the highest waterfalls in the North Island, on the west side of the Kaimai Ranges, south of Te Aroha and 6km from Matamata, the home of Hobbiton . About 2 hours drive south from Auckland. Closer if you're interested in staying overnight if you have done the Te Aroha Mountain Hike on Saturday. I seriously recommend you plan ahead and stay overnight on Saturday or Sunday in Te Aroha or near Matamata..Book ahead an Airbnb or Holiday Park Cabin as its gets very busy the week before the Long Weekend . Many people have already made their overnight bookings as they are attending the Saturday Event , climbing up Mt Te Aroha which is now open to everyone..No restrictions. Meanwhile read on about Waiere Falls... Waiere Waterfalls is a great place for everyone of all ages and many families come here for the day activities which include walking, swimming in the river, and taking advantage of the stunning scenery and bridges and towers...More about this on the day if you come. Please answer the RSVP question which determines your interest and participation. If you don't your name will be added to the Not Going list. When - Labour weekend. Sunday 27th October. Meet and Greet is 9.30am. With a finish around 3pm if doing the whole route to the top of the falls, as their is a shorter option just to the first lookout. See more details below. We have to meet early..as this is a hugely popular place on a hot day, many people come here from Matamata..after visiting Hobbiton..and Rotorua etc ... just for the easy going fun adventure walking..swimming pools and easy access to the river and breath taking views . For us...walking...The well formed trails from the carpark to the top of the falls is the reason to travel early to witness the gorgeous natural beauty this area has...as hundreds come every day, including children, as the tracks from the carpark weave their way through a mystical atmosphere landscape, and bridges cross big rivers..quite unusual for this area. The rocks and trees are wrapped in vivid green moss and lichen and are the best feature of this forest that in winter is very cold . If you love outdoor photography, this is like a candyshop for sweet lovers.. The tracks take you over strong wooden bridges and up and down towers, steps and other structures...these are an engineering marvel, as they had to make major track improvements and they are important for the huge amount of water the rivers produce from the mountains above in winter.., very similar to the bridges etc in the south Island, this area is highly desirable for hiking people and families for many many reasons.. Note - Please answer the RSVP questions which determines your interest and participation and what Option you are doing..One or Two... Thank You. There are two options to do on this Feet First Event depending upon your fitness level or interest or photography passion, or interest in a cooling river dip.. Option One is an easier Two hour plus walk from the carpark, depending on how often you stop to marvel at the rivers or on the impressive bridges..to arrive at the lower waterfall lookout where most of the public go and return to their cars..and then onto Hobbiton at nearby Matamata or return to wherever you came from Option Two, and the best option for active hikers...is around 4 to 5 hours of hiking...route takes you several hundred meters above...and onto the top of the Waiere Waterfalls... which takes another hour from first lookout..climbing up a steeper trail .. lots of steps, the trail is narrower, and you must like climbing up...and coming down slowly...but is not difficult if you hike often or want to take it slowly as I choose to do....More details on the day... Return on both options is via the same way back to cars. Matamata is an option nearby to eat, then return to Auckland on a different route if you are driving down , or book into an Airbnb or try camping overnight in the Te Aroha Holiday Park as their is a Monday morning event on near Cambridge. Plunging 153m , Waiere Waterfalls are hugely popular, and hundreds visit every weekend..and the carpark fills up throughout the day depending on what options you decide on... There are incredible views at the top over the Waikato area and fantastic photography opportunities and swimming in a mighty clear river for anyone keen. I rate this as one of the best things I've ever done out of Auckland.....Come and see why ... Parking is at the end Goodwin Rd , or beside the fence if full, then walk to main carpark.. Who can come - Feet First members only. No guests, animals or kids, or use of drones or smokers.. Thanks. On a scale of difficulty, the walk to the lower first lookout Option Onr is a 2 out of 5 ..as the tracks and bridges are in great condition. The next track to the top lookout at Waiere Falls - Option Two, is perhaps a 3 and a half out of 5...with even more impressive views...it requires more determination and effort, with lots of steps and steady steeper climbing for about an hour. Then it levels out ...and the track actually goes downhill before reaching the top of the falls , lookouts ..and swimming pools .. Lots of people go here, including active teenagers and adults..There are also big boulders to sit on...And more tracks continue from here if you're keen to go hunting..or more interesting hiking to some huts in the Kaimai Ranges towards Tauranga. Waiere waterfall is the highest in the North Island , the water drops over the edge 153 m and can be seen from the road just before the carpark. We have been here quite a few times in a smaller group, so this is the opportunity for a fuller group experience with others while we walk and enjoy spectacular views of the Waikato area . Come and stay overnight on Saturday, at the Te Aroha Holiday Park or Opal Springs Holiday Park or a nearby Airbnb , which I'm doing, or travel down from Auckland which takes about 2 hours. http://www.tearohaholidaypark.co.nz/ http://www.opalhotsprings.co.nz/x,1,4413/ Bring along your sense of adventure and let's make a day of this over Labour Weekend. Bring your lunch, snacks and water for the day, carrying everything in a small backpack ..Carry a towel and togs for the best safe swimming opportunities throughout the day.. Carpooling- Transportation. Organise this amongst yourselves prior to the Event and allow about two plus hours from Auckland to reach Waiere Waterfalls Carpark...Or its about 20mins drive south from Te Aroha if staying overnight. Suggest you give your driver at least $25, if traveling each way from Auckland. or discuss if locally traveling. This is one of the most popular half day walks in the area, so we need to be early to get a carpark.. As usual we will stop lots to take in the views, take photographs and enjoy wonderful social interaction.. Note - As a number of us are kayaking in the Cambridge area on Sunday around 4pm ..I will be leaving the Waiere falls carpark around 3pm.. More details coming up on all Labour Weekend events.. Best to be proactive now to organize accommodations, and car pooling...please dont leave everything to the last minute... Cheers Stephen F. Feet First Hiking Guide . Mob[masked]

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