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Welcome to 2021 ..And to Feet First ..taking you on outdoor adventures on tracks and trails around Auckland and beyond..


Our focus is on having an enjoyable and energetic day in the hills or surrounding countryside or other places to walk and explore in Auckland's wilderness and urban areas.

We leave the high speed faster paced gut busting hiking events to other groups.

The companionship and conversations are an essential part of any event we do on Feet First - but at the end of the day we also know we have had great exercise as well.

We've been established since 2010 by it's founder Stephen French and assisted by Mike Knowles and a few other event leaders/helpers on each Event like Boyd, Vince, David B , and others occasionally .

We do most outdoor activities in Auckland, including guided hiking, urban walks, kayaking, caving and other things throughout the year ..with a strong focus on slowing down and looking around..and not just events for exercise..

Sometimes we'll travel to other places like the Waikato, Coromandel and Northland.

Once we had a Japanese Television Film and Travel company follow us through the Waitakere Ranges for a days hiking, for a promotional travel documentary promoting NZ to the Japanese people and several Feet First members were film stars for the day..All for BravoTV..

Meanwhile..Exercise is important however ...so is the strong social interaction between people and that's what's makes Feet First Events Interesting and fun...And different...Join us and find out ..we are a group that has been going for over ten years..and we are very active with an event on most weekends..Saturday and Sundays..

Our members ages vary from 20s and 30s, to 40s and late 50s and even active 70 plus tramping veterans join us as we explore a lot of tracks in the Waitakere Ranges they have walked for decades..like our Organizers and Event leaders.

Having a clear portrait photo of yourself is important if you're interested in attending our Events particularly for carpooling.

Please note..No guests, dogs, children, or smokers, or those using a drone ,ipod, or go pro camera are welcome.


We Carpool/ Share rides to get to our Events, and it's up to you to be proactive prior to an event you like, to arrange transportation or drive your own car, and its better to share your journey with another FF Member who contributes money towards petrol. All are talked about on each Event where you can ask questions and receive answers.

Our Feet First Events are pre-walked and checked for your outdoor safety and risk management ...They are graded in difficulty on a scale of 1-5 , and if you are an active regular Hiker., Tramper or Urban Walker, or new to Auckland's outdoor activities, there will be a local or out of town trip that may interest you and some other activities like Caving and even the occasional Petanque game..plus we often gather at a Café after an event for more socialising .

We ask for a $2 Gold coin donation on the event you attend to go towards the Meet Up Website costs and organising event leaders do at their own expense providing pre-walked events for your benefits .


Sometimes we stop and listen to the sounds of nature too..for a few minutes, a special time to be still and practice mindfulness , to relax and not to use your camera, and just hear the wind in the trees, the drops of rain, or the many hundreds sounds that are often missed by lots of talking and rushing quickly through the forest ..


It's up to you to come prepared with grippy shoes and carry everything in a small backpack with your lunch, water and snacks for the days hike whether it be summer or winter, and a hiking pole is helpful .

More things about what to wear, or bring along on our events, and carpooling, is listed on the Event listed normally a week before our hikes or urban walks so you have time to arrange transportation amongst each other.


Organising many events every week for many years is not an easy task, but it's where my heart is and I'll continue to do this as long as possible..Along with help from other people like Mike and Boyd, joining Feet First gives you the opportunity to feel connected and loved. There really is strength in numbers .

For those who know me, I am determined to stay active and keep moving...and to organise great adventures for everyone.

So join us, come as often as possible and walk yourself happy in and around Auckland with Feet First on a day that suits you!

You are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping by ..

Slow Down and Look Around next time you go walking outdoors..


Stephen F. ( Plus Mike and Boyd and David B.)

Feet First Organisers -
Leadership Team


Upcoming events (4)

Wednesday Evening - Cornwall Park- One Tree Hill Summit Walk

Burger King Epsom

Been up to the summit of One Tree Hill ? Join us for another Wednesday night urban walk .. This will be an easy going 3 hour loop walk of sorts getting off the concrete sometimes and following a few sheep trails, climbing up and down some small hills and enjoy the views of Auckland.. A mixture of terrain. Expect to climb over a few fences or gates. Come prepared for a bit of mystery.. We will get up to the summit ( 182m) for some awesome views of Auckland...and get some gentle exercise..with plenty of time to rest and chat.. What we will see.. ? A combination of farm animals, flower gardens, picnic areas, bbq areas, and grand old trees..and some hills ... and hidden places the general public do not go to...or know about. 🛑 When- Wednesday January 27th. 🛑Meet and Greet is 6pm ready to walk. 🛑Where Meeting ? Let's gather by the large fountain and green park area on Campbell Crescent which is opposite Burger King Epsom at 350 Manakau Rd. Epsom. Free car parking is off Manakau Rd in King George Ave by Petrol Station or nearby... King Edward Ave or Queen Mary Ave. Or in nearby Puriri Ave. Or Market Rd.. Wear - Running shoes or boots. A hiking pole is helpful too. Bring a jacket and a camera and a drink and some snacks.. Carry it all in a small back pack or not .its up to you. 😉 Transport/ Carpooling - Organise this amongst each other prior to the Event. List your mobile number and post a note below this if you need a ride or can offer another member a space in your car.. Thanks. Sort out payment with your driver. Or catch the Bus that goes along Manakau Rd. Lido Cinema is nearby for a reference. Happy Walking everyone 😉 Kind regards Stephen F. Feet First Guide Mob[masked]

Rangitoto Island to Summit and McKenzie Bay Route- Swimming Opportunities

Staying in Auckland for the Long Weekend? Been over to Rangitoto Island yet ? Love to go back and explore the natural beauty of an Volcanic Island and do some swimming on at a beach ? Then come and enjoy a boat ride to Auckland's youngest and largest volcanic paradise called Rangitoto Island . We will follow trails through lava fields and the world's largest pohutukawa forest to the island peak of 259m above sea level. We'll take an alternative route to the summit that the public seldom go through a mystical fern and bush reserve . Then after Lunch at the Summit we will walk down to McKenzie Bay...Have a swim in the ocean if you're interested...Or relax under a tree...then walk back to the Wharf for the 4pm return Ferry which is mostly a flat trail . 🔊When - Anniversary Long Weekend Saturday - January 30th . 🔊 - Get on the Ferry at either Downtown CBD at 9am Auckland or Devonport at 9.25 am . 🔊Cost - $ 39.00 Adult Return Ferry Ticket.. 🔊Note- Pre bookings are essential at this time of the year, , especially for the 9.15 am sailing . Sometimes Devonport passengers miss out as lots of public travel to Rangitoto in the summer....So its important to pre- book if you're serious about coming when you RSVP.. Return Ferry leaves Rangitoto at 4pm Main Wharf. Returns to Auckland via Devonport at 5pm. 🔊Check out the website below where you'll find all the information. A credit or debt card is necessary to prepay online. Enough said . 🔊 Distance to walk is about 10km.. However we will be walking slowly.. 🤲 Come prepared hot summers weather ..an umbrella is helpful. Bring your lunch, snacks and water for the day, carrying everything in a small backpack.. 🔊See more details here... https://www.fullers.co.nz/destinations/rangitoto-island/ 🔊🔊 Important Note -The hard volcanic Rock is punishing to the soles of your feet. 🔊Wear strong boots or shoes or sports sandals and bring lots of water ..at least two litres. More if you can carry it.. 🔊Hiking poles do help some people, and I strongly recommend one if you're over 40.. 🔊 On our scale of 1-5 this is around 2 .. However if you are an active Walker or new hiker this won't bother you as there are no uphill gut busters except in the morning for around 30 minutes..then its mostly downhill walking and flat trails. 🔊No guests, friends or children, drones , go pro cameras...or smokers please. 🔊Car pooling to Devonport or Downtown. Please list your mobile number please if you need a ride or can offer another member a space in your car. Thanks. And we can enjoy a refreshing beer on the boat on the way home.. 🔊Cost of Ferry Tickets is $39.00 Adult Return. 🔊🔊Note - Be sure you make your booking asap...Your footwear must be super clean and hiking pole is free of dirt and mud. 🔊Please gather on the island when you come off the ferry at the covered information area to the right of the wharf.. and toilets are nearby.. 🔊Public Parking near the CBD in Auckland is for $10 all day parking... Or take a train to Britomart, or an Uber or Bus. 🌻You can book online at www.fullers.co.nz or call[masked] with your credit card. https://www.fullers.co.nz/destinations/rangitoto-island/ Good toilets at the Wharf and at McKenzie Bay and by the summit. Look forward to meeting you on the Rangitoto.. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns . Cheers Stephen F. Feet First Walking Guide. Mobile[masked]

Piha Beach - Kitekite Falls - Lion Rock- Black Sand beach - Cafe Visit

Come and visit the iconic and famous Piha Beach on Auckland Anniversary Day and explore the natural beauty of this West coast location with a visit in the afternoon to Kitekite Falls for some awesome views and swimming opportunities. 🌼We will climb up Lion Rock to begin with then stroll along the black sand Beach to the southern end where the Look Out is and beach explore . We will then loop back to Kitekite Falls....do a few hours of bush walking, swimming and extended fun.. Then stop at the Piha Cafe or head home to Auckland.. 🌼 You need to bring water, lunch, sun protection perhaps ..and wear shoes or mountain sandals for the outdoors , and carry it all in a small backpack. Bring your camera for incredible results of stunning scenery and landscapes..and people experiences.. 🔊When - Monday 1st February 2021 . Auckland Anniversary Day. 🔊Meet and Greet is at 9.30am. With a finish around 4pm. 🔊Where Meeting- Piha Beach Domain Carpark on Seaview Rd in front of Lion Rock just past the Camping Ground, Toilets and Piha Store and large Cafe. Entry on left past shops. 🔊GPS - 12 Seaview Rd. Piha Beach. - Entry on left past Cafe.. Opportunity after this mainly Easy walk to visit the local Piha Cafe for refreshments. ⚠️About 12km of easy going walking..Toilets nearby and lots of parking. ⚠️- On our scale of difficulty this is mostly a 2 out of 5 . You need to have a good level of stamina for around 5 hours of Bush and Beach walking and a lot of mostly exposed areas on the beach to the sun conditions. 🔊Cost- $2 Gold coin or donation towards website is appreciated. . 🛑Wear clothes and shoes for outdoor activities..Bring a hat for sun protection.Hiking poles..one or two.. do help some people..I always carry mine. 🛑 Good grippy shoes are recommended or sports sandals, not jandals or flip flops. 🛑Highlights- Waterfalls, Endless sea views north and south of Piha beach. Black sand beach. Lion Rock, Seagulls. Surfers . Very nice drive out west on a sunny Saturday... Stunning Swimming and Photograph opportunities..and Pizzas and Beers at Piha Beach Cafe.. 🛑Carpooling . Sort this out amongst each other. Suggest you give $ 20 to your driver. Allow at least an hours drive to get to Piha. Look forward to showing you around this iconic beach and coastal location and Kitekite Falls.. Let's do it.. Cheers Stephen F. Feet First Walking Guide . Mob[masked]

Night Ending Hike - North Piha to Anawhata Beach Coastal Walk

Piha Domain Carpark

Staying in Auckland for the next long weekend. ? Come out west as we take the coastal route north to watch the sunset and return in the dark walking through the Bush and along the beach with a finish around 11pm for this Feet First. Night Ending Easy Going Hike. Starting at the famous Piha Beach ...we will walk along the beach and some coastal tracks to Anawhata Beach where we will have an evening swim if you're interested in a fresh water stream or use the hour here to relax on the beach and catch up with friends or new ones. Drink some beer or wine and do some socialising .as we watch the sunset across the Tasman Sea. 🌼Note - The emphasis is on making the evening walk at night fun..so the pace is easy going... Its also important to bring along a good torch or headlight. 😊 Come earlier and climb up Lion Rock nearby or have a snack at the iconic Piha Cafe, grab a pizza and a coffee, mention you're from Feet First as we visit here often. 🌿When - Waitangi Long Weekend. Saturday 6th February. Meet and Greet is 5pm. With a finish around 11pm. 🛑Where Meeting - Piha Domain Carpark at 12 Seaview Rd in front of Lion Rock . 🔊Carpooling - If you're serious about getting a ride, or can offer space in your car please leave a note below with your mobile number, and directly text or call each other. This method works better than just leaving a note. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the contact and conversation. Suggest you give your driver $20 ..Although if you have 3 or more passengers, payment should be $40 per car. 🛑Distance - About 10km ...And 5 hours Walking on uneven surfaces. . On our scale of difficulty this is a 3 out of 5 mainly Easy, except for night return walking.. 🛑 IMPORTANT - Good grippy shoes are needed for the return on tracks and the beach walk in the dark to our cars . 🛑Bring something perhaps for dessert to share with other members. Wine or beers are optional too.. Or Cider which I enjoy..to watch the sunset.. Bring a blanket and warm clothing for the hour extended dinner break. More updates coming up.. Cheers Stephen F. Feet First Walking Group Guide. Mob[masked]

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