• Rangitoto Island - Walk to the Summit plus Islington Bay & Coastal Track

    Hi all.. RSVP are closed for this event. 😊😊😊😊😊 ⚡⚡Please read all the details of this Feet First event, it's not an easy walk, and you must enjoy winter hiking and cope with around 5 hours of quicker paced walking than we normally do...on rocky uneven surfaces that is punishing to legs and knees if you're older or lacking strength or stamina.. ⚡⚡⚡Please answer the RSVP question which determines your interest and participation. Cheers. Stephen. Limited to about 45 Members so we can move a lot quicker.. 🔊 Let's cross over the harbour by Ferryboat to Rangitoto Island on Saturday 24th August. , an extinct volcano that emerged from the sea around 600 years ago, and a fun place to enjoy some great winter walking...and a half hour boat ride on the inner city harbour each way . 🔊 - Fullers Ferry leaves Downtown Auckland at 9.15 am, picks up at Devonport at 9.25am . Arriving on Rangitoto at 10am. Departing at 4pm . See below about where to purchase tickets... 🔊 - Very little hill climbing, except in the morning up to the summit, which takes an hour... then it's mostly downhill and walking for about 4 more hours...on flat roads and tracks... that offer some challenges in the afternoon...to enjoy the experience of Rangitoto Island... 🌏 Event is suitable for most people who can walk at a good even pace ...about 5 plus hours of walking if you have a good level of fitness. You must enjoy winter hiking . Shorter breaks throughout the day, so no opportunity for swimming or long lunch break , as we have a lot of walking to do. 🔊🔊🔊 - If you're not able to keep up with the group for any reason, there are some alternative ways for you to return to the wharf..This will be decided on the day if your overall stamina isn't able to cope with the flow of walking on Rangitoto . 🔊 Distance to walk is around 15km.. It's a favourite place for me and there is so much to see away from the well beaten paths most public only go.. After arriving on the Island , we will head up to the Summit of Rangitoto Island . We will then cross over the centre of the Island to have lunch at Izzy Bay which takes about two hours. Then we will walk around Islington Bay, and end the day back at the Wharf...following the mostly unknown Bush and Coastal Track, a fascinating 3 hour walk over undulating ground...passing by large Pohutukawa trees that dominate the island and in December, the trees flower and we call them The NZ Christmas tree as their red flowers are beautiful..Lots of coastal views here and sea birds... See more details here... https://www.fullers.co.nz/destinations/rangitoto-island/ 🔊🔊 Important Note -The hard volcanic Rock is punishing to the soles of your feet..Wear strong boots or shoes or sports sandals and bring lots of water .. Hiking poles do help some people, and I strongly recommend one for your visit to Rangitoto . We will also see some incredible native trees and plants and sea and land birds which makes walking on Rangitoto Island a highlight of anyone visiting Auckland..And is a great day for some amazing coastal sea views and awesome photography... 🌻 On our scale of 1-5 this is around a 3...However if you are an active hiker this won't bother you as there are no uphill gut busters as mentioned..except it's a lot of walking on hard rock most of the day.. No guests, friends or children, drones or smokers please. 🔊Car pooling to Devonport or Downtown. Please list your mobile number please if you need a ride or can offer another member a space in your car. Thanks. And we can enjoy a refreshing beer or wine on board the Ferry..and take in the views and relax with each other and the public ! Cost of Ferry Tickets is $36.00 Adult Return. Note - Be sure you make your booking asap...Your footwear must be super clean and hiking pole is free of dirt and mud. This island is Department of Conservation Land and it's a Scenic Reserve in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. 🌻When - Saturday 24th August 2019 😉Meeting Time 9.00am to pick up ferry tickets if you haven't printed them at home or use your online App. Or Fullers Terminals will print for free.. 🌻Boarding starts from downtown Auckland at 9.15am. 🌻 Then at Devonport at 9.25am.. ⚠️Return leaving Rangitoto Island is on the 4 pm Boat.. Please gather on the island when you come off the ferry at the covered information area to the right of the wharf.. and toilets are nearby.. 🌻Tickets and Booking (see costs below ).. Return Ferry ticket must be purchased by yourself online prior to the day as we are competing with heaps of tourists and if you wait to the day you may miss out as the Ferry has a limit. Your ticket can be used another day if you cannot attend. Free Parking is best at Devonport , or use the Public Parking near the CBD in Auckland for $10 all day parking... Or take a train to Britomart, or an Uber, or Lime Scooter. 🌻You can book online at www.fullers.co.nz or call[masked] with your credit card. Adult return is $36 Or arrive early at Fullers Terminals and use eftpos. https://www.fullers.co.nz/destinations/rangitoto-island/ 🌻Options are to board at Downtown Auckland or Devonport. Take the train from out west or south . And save on parking in the CBD or park for free at Devonport. No shops on the island, but there is a small one on Ferry ... Good toilets at the Wharf . Hope to see you on Rangitoto Island..Or on the Boat.. Cheers Stephen F. Feet First Walking Guide. Mobile[masked]

  • Urban Wednesday Walk - One Tree Hill- Cornwall Park- 2 hrs

    Stardome Observatory and Planetarium is situated on the lower southern slopes of One Tree Hil

    Join us for another Feet First Wednesday Urban Walk . This week we'll be exploring One Tree Hill and its neighbour , Cornwall Park...something I've been doing since boyhood, as I went to school nearby and our teachers made us run cross country here.. However this time, we will take a different approach, and check out the stunning scenery this place has at night ..I hope you can join me and others from Feet First . When - Wednesday 28th August. Meet and Greet is 7.15 PM. Finished hopefully by 9.30pm. Located at 670 Manakau Rd. One Tree Hill. Lots of wonderland here and plenty of trees , cattle and sheep trails to use if suitable, or we will just walk the roads.. Bring along your friends, work colleagues or just yourself. No smokers please. Perhaps bring some water and snacks for this evening walk, which we'll do at a quicker pace to get some mid week exercise.. Where Meeting- We will gather in front of the Stardome Observatory ... then after brief introductions we'll walk up the summit of One Tree Hill. Then take to the fields to explore Cornwall Park and try and see the daffodils with our torches or use our senses. Plenty of parking nearby at the playground area just in from the entrance on Manakau Road. It's a short walk to the Observatory. Bring along your raincoat, hi vis orange vest , and a head torch... strong grippy shoes or hiking boots...and maybe your hiking pole ..and sense of adventure.. Transportation- Carpooling . Organise this amongst yourselves prior to the event. You could also get a bus heading towards Royal Oak and drop you at the entrance on Manakau Rd . Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday night.. Happy walking everyone.. Cheers Stephen. Mob[masked]

  • Mt Pukeatua 753m- Near Cambridge- Maungatautari- Med Hike- 6 hr

    Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari

    Hi All. 🔊🔊🔊THIS EVENT END OF AUGUST HAS RSVP RESTRICTIONS. BE SURE YOU READ DETAILS OR YOUR NAME WILL BE SENT TO THE NOT GOING LIST. 🔊🔊🔊 YOU MUST HAVE ATTENDED AT LEAST 4 PREVIOUS FEET FIRST WALKING EVENTS TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND THIS Special..EVENT. 🔊🔊THIS IS NOTHING ABOUT YOUR FITNESS OR ABILITY BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ITS ABOUT BUILDING ON THE STRONG SOCIAL INTERACTIONS THAT REGULAR ACTIVE FEET FIRST MEMBERS HAVE ESTABLISHED HIKING OFTEN. 🤙🤙THERE WILL ALSO BE OPPORTUNITIES TO STAY OVERNIGHT IN CAMBRIDGE AND DINE AND DANCE AT THE LOCAL PUB " FIVE STAGS BAR AND BISTRO" WHERE WE'VE BEEN PREVIOUSLY.. WALKING DISTANCE FROM THE TOP TEN.. Sunday's walking option, is to visit the nearby Blue Springs Walkway and Waterfalls. More details about this futher on.. 🍀🌾🌲🌳 🤓 ⚡⚡ Important Note - It's quite a challenging mountain to climb, and coming down isn't easy, and will challenge everybody that attends. So think very carefully about your fitness and stamina and ability to use your arms and legs climbing up and around trees and other various outdoor obstacles that make this hike a rather tough day. ..particularly in the afternoon... 🔊Please answer the RSVP question which will determine your interest and participation as this Event is not open to new members or anyone that doesn't meet the RSVP requirements... The hiking up to Pukeatua Peak at a height of 753m is about 3 hours of walking up and down an old road.. on The Southern Side of Sanctuary Mountain called Maungatautari -in the Waikato just past Cambridge. The hardest part of the day hike is coming down the mountain...which involves more uphill climbing following an old mountain track... This part of the day can be quite challenging coming down as you need to use your arms and legs as the track drops down some small bluffs . It takes another 3 hours to reach the carpark.......yet we wont be rushing.. Getting there is about 2 hours drive south of Auckland and roughly about 30 minutes from Cambridge..See below for driving details. In fairness to those members who plan their journey and arrive on time, we cannot wait for you if you are late. Drivers check your arrangements for picking up passengers, and allow extra travel time for delays etc.. 🙂We've done this route twice now .. and it's an interesting climb inside the bird sanctuary mountain... with a mixture of uphill and steady climbing and not a difficult day . Though you need good fitness and strong legs..Fantastic Photography for those interested. There's an incredible pest proof fence around the whole mountain which is becoming a popular destination for bird lovers and people like us who enjoy nature. Read more about this sanctuary mountain below.. 🙂Overnight options available too..As I intend staying in an Airbnb, or The Top Ten Holiday Park in Leamington in Cambridge..it has cabins to share, and camping opportunities..on Saturday night rather than driving home with a Sunday walking event for those interested to do the Blue Springs Walkway nearby. 💢Meet and Greet is 10.00 am on Saturday 31st August 2019. Leaving promptly after brief introductions. Its also no race to the top, so we'll be stopping lots to rest and take in the views.. 💢Limited to 35 Feet First Members that meet the RSVP requirements. 💢💢This is a 6 hr return hike up a mountain with a significant amount of hill climbing up and then down mostly the same way. The use of your hands is required on the way back as it's a day of outdoor challenges. You must have good strong hiking shoes or boots and equipment. 💢Optional dinner after hike at 5 Stags Bar and Grill in nearby Cambridge . They also have a live band and we've done dancing there before. 💢Sunday walking options include breakfast in town then visiting the nearby Blue springs and the Walkway at Putaruru for a 3 hr walk..Or shorter . More details on the day . 💢About the Hike - The trail to Mt Pukeatua Peak is on a new metalled one..all weather track with a return down the old one .. more of an old fashioned hiking trail.. being used on our return. Lots of birds to see and hear as we are walking in a pest free area , one of the oldest in the North Island. Should be lots of mushrooms around too.. 💢We start off from the large carpark at Sanctuary Mountain to the right of main entrance. ( no entry fee for us). Toilets close by. 💢💢On our scale of difficulty this is a 3 out of 5. Steep hill climbing in some places..however not all day as we stop lots to rest, take pictures and take in the views.. 💢Toilets at the Information Centre before or after, and ice cream or cold drinks. 💢💢Maungatautari is a landlocked volcano, and the community has erected 47km of pest-proof around the triple peaks of Maungatautari. This atoll of rainforest dominates the skyline between Te Awamutu and Karapiro . You will enjoy the lush forest and wonderful views of the Waikato and hear and see lots of native birds.. 💢💢During our hike you could hear and see a wide range of native birds, including the stitchbird, keruru, north island Robin, saddleback, kaka and tui, as this area has been heavily influenced by being pest free. Lets knock the bastard off ! 🛑🛑Suggested Carpooling cost is about $30. Work it out with your driver depending on where you live as petrol costs have increased... 🌝Overnight Options include staying at Top 10 Holiday Park in Leamington in Cambridge and various Airbnb places...Or Camping..Or simply driving home. NB - Its assumed you know what to bring for winter walking conditions, so these details are up to you to organize, hence the reason why I've put RSVP restrictions in place so we all can just relax without any newbies who aren't always prepared etc . 🔊🔊Meanwhile make your booking with an Airbnb or with the Top Ten Holiday Park in Leamington, Cambridge. 😎 More details coming up soon when RSVP details are discussed regarding overnight interest...and day hiking ... Cheers Stephen F. Mob[masked]

  • Blue Springs Walkway - Te Waihou Valley - 1 hour drive past Hamilton- 3 hr Walk

    Te Waihou Walkway - Blue Springs

    Hi Everyone. Come and visit the Blue Springs Walkway, roughly 90 minutes walking from one end of the valley to the source, then we return mostly the same way..so about 3 hours of walking plus extra for lunch and viewing opportunities.. Located an hours drive further south from Hamilton .. About 185km from Auckland each way.. Not suitable for fast paced members or anyone in a hurry . We will stop lots to take pictures and make sure we see lots of this amazing place as it's a long drive to get to.. Optional side trip after to visit the nearby Arapuni Dam and 50m above the river , a 55m long swingbridge . One of the oldest dams producing electricity...Another local tourist attraction . A cafe is nearby and toilets, plus an alternative route home via Cambridge. Note - A number of us will be already in the area on Saturday, so carpooling could be very restrictive. If you have a car, please consider driving it, and taking some members along with you if you are unsure of the destination. This will help everyone. Where Going - Blue Springs - Putaruru. Listed as one of the top 25 ranked things to see in New Zealand 🌼 See here for inspiration.. https://g.co/kgs/VRCqK6 Also known as the Te Waihou Walkway, this is a national treasure, and an important tourist destination for people visiting the North Island...this is your opportunity on Feet First...Thousands visit here throughout summer.. Over 70 percent of NZ'S bottled water comes from the crystal clear blue water of The Blue Springs. Some say it's like an Avatar film, incredible blue water, for miles and miles..the water so pure and clear, the fish , native trout can be seen on the bottom of the stream we walk along. This is an amazing hidden gem in the Waikato, and we've been here several times. Swimming is not publicly considered, however we approach the Blue springs from a different location to the public, so if you're keen or brave...bring a towel for a quick refreshing dip. On our scale of difficulty this is mostly a 2 out of 5 level of walking. Some steps to walk up and down and good strong walking shoes are recommended. A hiking pole is helpful for some people in winter conditions..I always have mine. Wear thermal clothes and bring a raincoat. When - Sunday September 1st. Meet and Greet is 10.30am. Address for the carpark and toilets where we are meeting is 303 Whites Rd, Putararu. Important note - We are NOT meeting at the Leslie Rd carpark where other public meet. Getting to 303 Whites Rd carpark is approximately a 2 and a half hour drive each way. Consider staying overnight in Cambridge, at the Top 10 Holiday Park in a cabin...or an Airbnb...and joining the Saturday event hikers for dinner after their hike up Mt Pukeatua.. The walkway is mostly easy. Distance to walk is about 9km. We will walk for about 3 hours , and have extra time for photos and swimming . Bring your lunch and snacks for the days activity. Transportation- Carpooling. Organise this amongst yourselves prior to the event, remember its 2 and a half hours of driving each way if you're not stopping overnight in Cambridge as a lot of us are doing. Suggest you give your driver at least $30 , or discuss with each other an agreed price. Limited to about 40 members. No guests, friends or smokers please. More details coming up when people show interest. Cheers Stephen F. Mob[masked]

  • Hakarimata Walkway -Near Huntly - Big Kauri Tree - Miranda Hot Pools - Kaiaua

    Coming Up on Saturday September 7th with a Meet and Greet at 1pm . This is another Feet First walking adventure combining an easier afternoon hike, hot pools and dinner of fish and chips, about 1 hours drive south on Highway One to begin with.. We will be visiting a very special place near Huntly called the Hakarimata Walkway which runs alongside the Waikato River towards Hamilton. No stream crossings, and more suitable for members interested in slowing down and trees, plants and hopefully photography.. Roughly 4 hours of walking and exploring. On a scale of difficulty this is mostly a 2 out of 5 . You need to enjoy climbing stairs up and down... Great opportunity for some stunning views and awesome photography.. When - Saturday September 7th. Meet and Greet is 1pm.. Finished by about 5pm. Then it's about 45 mins drive away to Miranda Hot outdoor natural pools. Cost - A $2 Gold coin is appreciated towards the website. ⚡Please answer the RSVP question which determines your interest and participation. Route - From the large carpark, to the impressive lookout, there is first a bit of huffing and puffing required... nearly 300 steps to climb to the lookout.... or for others like me, an easy going paced walk up to join the fast paced members.. Who will be first male ? .first female? to the first lookout..for Feet First honours ? Then from the top onwards we head to another lookout.. and a change of pace...as I will lead.., the trail becomes a bit rougher, for an hour to the southern lookout following an old fashioned mountain trail.. Then we loop back and take a stunning side track for an hour..to see the 1000 year Hakarimata kauri tree pictured.. After this 1pm afternoon starting Feet First adventure hike, and 4 hour mostly easy hike ...we will take the country back roads to the outdoor thermal hot pools called Miranda we frequently visit. Entry to Miranda is $15 per person. Then after relaxing here for an hour together...dinner is at Kaiaua fish and chips shop.. a further 9km drive away..caught daily, their famous fish is a Feet First members favourite after a hike..with an indoor dining room and plenty of space to share space with other members over a cold beer or wine. I especially recommend the gurnard, with some kumara chips... Then its an hour leisurely drive home..via Highway Two... Note - Preference will be given to Feet First members attending both the hike and the hot pools. ..as numbers will be limited to about 45 Members..This is helpful for carpooling and builds on the strong social interactions of our group. Bring - Wear thermal clothes and strong footwear..And bring a rain jacket..A hiking pole is helpful for some people. Carry some water and snacks. Transportation - Carpooling. Organise this amongst yourselves prior to this Event. Add your mobile number and area where you live. Suggest you give your driver $ 10 - 15 or discuss with each other if you have a full car. Where Meeting- End of Parker Rd . Off Hakarimata Rd, about ten minutes south of Huntly, after crossing the Waikato river . A basic toilet is at the carpark at Parker Rd, however, I strongly reccomend using the bathrooms at Huntly , either on the main rd on right before township or at McDonald's closer to the bridge you cross over to our meeting place. In fairness to those who plan their journey and arrive on time at 1pm, we cannot wait for you if you are late. Catch us up on the stair climb which is mostly about 30 minutes of huffing and puffing.. Happy walking everyone.. Cheers Stephen F.. Feet First Walking Guide. Mob[masked] Email [masked]