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There is no “I ” in real estate.

FIBI (For Investors By Investors) is a real estate and business related networking group WITHOUT the sales pitch. This group was originally started in order to create a venue where investors and business owners could go to learn from other investors, help each other and not get a sales pitch for books, tapes, or the program of the month.

Typically at one of our events there is a ton of networking along with panel and round table discussions on real estate, investment strategies, business development, economics in the current investing climate, and all things real estate related, in order to educate our members and help them invest correctly and with the proper knowledge base. People use FIBI to expand their resources and everyone is ready to help each other and come together as a group to increase each other’s net worth. FIBI is a non-profit organization and does not make any money off of events it throws.

We started the South Bay Chapter of FIBI because we truly believe in the power of helping others invest without having to receive something in return. There will be no sales pitch at any of our events and we guarantee you will be educated via our unique panel format. Our years of real estate experience have allowed us to cultivate an incredible group of professionals that are smart, successful and willing to share their experience with you.

Each month, we will feature a topic that is critical to successful investing in real estate and invite a range of panelist that specialize on the subject. Besides us moderating the discussion to mine for the most relevant information, we will also encourage audience participation so you can get your questions answered.

Please come check out one of our meetings and we promise you will receive beneficial information, superb networking with other real estate investors and most importantly, NO sales pitch.

For questions, contact us! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Mathew Owens, CPA

Mathew is the founder of OCG Properties, a company that specializes in cash flowing real estate investments. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a B.A. in economics and an emphasis in accounting. Mathew earned his CPA license in 2000 passing all four parts in one sitting, a task only 10% of CPA candidates have been able to do. He specializes in real estate investments, syndications, corporate and individual taxation, business consulting and real estate consulting.

“We help our clients achieve financial freedom through positive cash flow investments, goal setting, strategic financial planning, tax and legal structuring.” – Mathew Owens

Mathew Owens, CPA

David is a real estate investor and advisor, representing both homeowners and investors, with COE Real Estate Group. COE Real Estate is based in El Segundo and specializes in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. As an advisor, Dave caters to both active and passive real estate investors, because tenants aren’t for everyone. Dave doesn’t just preach investing, he is an active investor himself. He is co-developing small lot subdivisions in North Hollywood. He also runs a fund that buys non-performing real estate notes. Dave also founded the South Bay chapter of For Investors By Investors, a real estate investment club that is 100% focused on education and networking with absolutely ZERO sales pitches allowed. His experience as a Realtor and Advisor has produced a serious arsenal of resources for sophisticated homeowners and investors.

David Coe



www.coeREgroup.com (http://www.coerealtors.com)

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The Freedom of Investing in Mobile Home Parks

Online event


Bryce Robertson will be joining Matt and Dave to discuss "The Freedom of Investing in Mobile Home Parks." We will spend the first 30 minutes having an overview conversation with Bryce about what he's currently doing in today's market. The next hour will be spent answering your direct questions.
Based on our recent successes using a new networking platform at IIREC, we will then send a link to a virtual networking room where you are free to roam the room and chat with who you chose. You can see a demo at the link below if you missed the conference; https://www.loom.com/share/32cc2fc1f148496390174a4171ffddff

While we are hopeful to be back in person at The Point this year, we hope this new format is a better fit for Zoom and will allow us to get back to networking together.

Please register here:
TOPIC: The Freedom of Investing in Mobile Home Parks
DATE/TIME: Wednesday April, 14th 7:00PM



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The Passive Investing Landscape

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