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What we’re about

This is online base group to study financial market data via programming.

-- Past event session is here.

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- The purpose of this group

The purpose of this group is to chase the best method for financial trade in terms of tech aspect.

we use python/C++/C# or even AI. Also we will check current tech stock market such as ZM, APPL, AMZN, TSLA, QQQ from technical and fundamental aspects. Stock market report is also included.

As a caution,, this is just giving you information from data analysis point of view, as for judging buy/sell, please verify more different information with your own knowledge and responsibility.

- Target People

Those who are interested in considering NASDAQ/NYSE stock into your prtfolio and know more about fundamental or technical aspect via data analytics. This is online base group, so target many different regional members.

-  Workshop

1 on 1 workshop is available.

This is more like coding stuff with either python or R language.

Please ask me what you want directly via meetup message.  

Fee is $50 per an hour.

- Organization Host

Im host and introducing many technical stocks such as APPLE, Zoom, Tesla and so on and introduce the technologies and fundamental number besides market news. Also introduce the way how to auto-trade from programming.

Here is the website you can watch our past session.

Also,, if you are interested in financial coding specifically, this book will help you for more better understanding.