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What we’re about

Now over 3,500+ total members! Launched in 2015. Hi, this is David Oldenburg. I have been fortunate enough to teach thousands of people how to make money and grow their wealth in the world of real estate investing. I have done this in my many (FREE) real estate meetings and events. This includes, flipping, wholetailing, wholesaling, virtual wholesaling, raising capital, joint ventures, partnering with sellers direct, and multiple other strategies. I am also one of the few people who periodically offers house flipping courses and training inside the home. In other words, you learn in an actual house and not in a class room!

My goal has always been to teach you how to build a real estate business (Flipper, Realtor, Wholesaler, Investor, etc...). I have students who attend my (FREE) meetings, who are now millionaires. I am expanding in the near future to offer additional training, products, and resources for those who are new to real estate investing or want to take their business to the next level.

No matter what your level of investing or experience, I will help you get motivated, educated and inspired to make money with real estate investing! My meetings are fun, motivating, and you have an opportunity to network with each other, and learn from experts and guest speakers. This is the ideal group for investors, beginning investors, Realtors, lenders, contractors and builders, title and escrow, appraisal etc... Basically anyone in or interested in the real estate industry and real estate investing. This is the place to learn about flipping, wholesaling, building passive income, creating cash-flow, and much more! I am also a small youtuber at