• INSANE Marketing << $300K >> Profit Wholesale Deal - REAL ESTATE 2023

    2000 Opportunity Dr

    I'm guessing you are a Flipper, Realtor, or Investor and you can't find enough deals, unless you pay huge dollars for marketing... right? How about making over $300K on a single wholesale deal? Or how about $96,000 on your very first real estate wholesale deal? I'm going to talk about these deals at this meeting and the marketing behind them.

    Do you know how wholesalers here in California and across the USA are getting deals right now and what is working in 2023? I have been out scouring the USA and talking to wholesalers and flippers everywhere.

    You may be surprised at what is working and how people are getting their first deals, scaling their business, and making big money.

    There has never been more free and low cost opportunity to market, get deals, and grow your business than we have right now. My theme for 2023 is MARKETING! If you are a flipper, Realtor, wholesaler, or investor, you NEED to be at this event.

    • The amazing way he landed a $96K FIRST DEAL as a new wholesaler
    • What MARKETING is HOT in 2023
    • LUXURY MARKET wholesaling and WHY you need to be there
    • Over $300K PROFIT - The secret sauce to close this wholesale deal
    • The TOP AI TOOLS you must be using right now to grow your business
    • My new WHOLESALING BOOK announcement!
    • Are you MARKETING and paying attention to the FORECLOSURE market
    • In January I said, "You need to create and implement a content marketing organic strategy." Have you started? If not, I have some great news!

    I am also going to give a powerful opening story about my dive into creating and selling a national course back in 2005. How that course, code named Extreme Success, led to huge revenue and why I am no longer marketing the course.

    You know you want to be at this meeting, so don't be lame and not show. We had 93 people at the last one and we want to see you at this one! Bring a friend it's free and fun :-).