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THIS is your year to take the steering wheel of life and drive! Architect the Life you came here to live…your Dream Life! Ditch your frustration, stagnation, and desperation. Co-creators Kate and Ralph invite you to connect to the Divine Soul Field in these events; the internet connection to the Divinity of ALL Life, and start Creating YOUR life with more joy!

Join us each Monday as Kate channels the Divine Soul Field and we receive immediate, effective support for your day-to-day challenges. Most of us live life disconnected from our Source with a nagging frustration building to full desperation if we don't listen.

Now you can reconnect! Your best efforts got you to where you are now and if your life is not what you dreamed it would be, what you KNOW it could and should be, now you can restore your connection so you can re-architect the life of your dreams.

Kate is a gifted intuitive channel, divine self-realization coach, wisdom writer, speaker, and the Co-Creator of Inner Joy Awakenings LLC, which she operates with her divine partner, Ralph Johnson.

This company is created for the purpose of reconnecting souls to the Creatrix within, the divine self (soul) that brings all other meaningful connections into view like a dream career, divine partner, and other playmates, as well as the divine connection to nature itself.

A Creatrix is a woman who is deeply connected to herself as a Woman and the Feminine Source of Creative power.  She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and life of all kinds.  She dreams courageously and trusts so deeply in the intrinsic co-creative connection she shares with the Divine and the Natural World. 

She is you. 

When we disconnect, when we don’t listen to our Creatrix self, we lose the essence that connects us to our divinity…

We lose our JOY.

Within the safety of our community, our intention is to gently flow into a highly supportive divine connection to rediscover our true Creatrix nature, and empower you to relax into being in total trust of who you are! Now you can permanently ditch the frustration, stagnation, and desperation, discover your joy and remove the blocks that prevent you from living the life you were born to live once and for all.

Join us Monday nights online for LIVE Flow Your Magic events to connect with Kate, her divine partner Ralph, and the divine team of support just waiting to empower you to find your great life! There will be a time for asking specific questions about what is blocking the best version of yourself. Only you, your willingness to be present and receive the presents of presence are required.

For more information on our Dream Life program as well as coaching and private session options, please visit us at https://katherineblaketomasson.com/


Join us, reconnect to your Self and begin to architect a life of JOY, the life you came here to live!

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Flow Your Magic- Finding Great Certainty (Divine HeartMind Connection)

The decision to hold certainty about something is a good place to create more certainty about that something. For example, holding the decision, ”I am sure I am in love with my husband” is a great way to be clear that more love in this relationship is findable here.

This is a great night to be clear about the things you are clear you want to be certain about. We will be channeling into the space the great masters, as you invite you to be in the certainty of the most important value your heart holds.

In this Flow Your Magic, we will be in love with our clearest minds. The mind that is sure about something. Will you work in your most certain mind with us to find out what that most cherished certainty is? We will help you get to the heart of this question.

Kate will be channeling the connection between the Divine Heart and the Clear Honest Mind.

May Theme: Being in the Great Confidence of Love
You are clear when you are not clear about being confident, so why not ask for more clarity when you need it?

All month we will bring you the opportunity to find more clarity about how to be the most confident you.

What happens in these events?
As a group, Kate will guide us into the soul's meditative flow. Kate will then channel the featured guest from the Divine Soul Field. The channeled Soul will interact with us as a group and individually in their joyful play and communication for the night until the gifts of their soul(s) are shared and peaceful unity is achieved within the group. Occasionally our clients are called upon to assist in our soul gift exchange.

Please know that Kate will never call on anyone to share unless she knows it is their absolute joy to do so!

The main event with followed by a Quantum After Bar which is optional and allows us to integrate and process our experience in casual conversation. The Quantum After Bar is an optional, fun, informal, never recorded, unstructured sharing time.

Looking forward to being in the flow of this MAGICAL event with you!✨
Zoom Details:
Meeting ID: xxx Passcode: flow
Mobile Passcode: xxxx
Start time 6:30PM Mountain / 7:30PM Central / 8:30PM Eastern / 5:30PM Pacific
Want support creating a life you can love by connecting to your divine path of joy? Connect with Kate, The Joy Architect, at https://katherineblaketomasson.com/

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Flow Your Magic- Finding Joy in the Unknown (Pure Beingness)

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