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What we’re about

2023 can be your year to find the REAL you. Have you decided it's time to let go of the frustration, stagnation, and desperation of not finding the way you enjoy being the you you really want to be? This is a place to create the one you have longed to be- real and uniquely you. Co-creators Kate and Ralph invite you to connect to this authentic you in these events and start creating YOUR life to hold more of your own Creator way!

Kate is a Creator who inspires other creators to realize who they really are in their own uniquely creative way. She holds her own creative way in her way and invites others to be in a flow that can create awareness of their own way for themselves.

She is the Co-Creator of Inner Joy Awakenings LLC, which she operates with her divine partner, Ralph Johnson. This company is created for the purpose of awakening the Creator from within, the divine self (soul) that can bring all other meaningful connections into your experience, such as a fulfilling life purpose, a divine partner, and other creative partnerships.

A Creator is a being who is deeply connected to his/her authentic creativity born of the Spirit and holds the balance of Feminine and Masculine sources of Creative power.  A Creator gives rise to real interests, gives birth to ideas, and generates a life of vitality as this authentic creativity is engaged.  A Creator is intrinsically co-creative and connected to divinity itself and to the Natural World. 

This is real you. 

When we feel disconnected from our own creative way, we are not attuned to our Creator self. The result is we lose touch with our creativity which is our divine path…the result...

We lose touch with the JOY of being here.

Within the safety of our community, our intention is to naturally flow into our own Creator way, and thus empower your own Creator way to be much more clear to you.

Join us Monday nights online for LIVE Flow Your Magic events for the opportunity to connect with who you really are as we find the flow state together with Kate, her divine partner Ralph, and the Creators in the community who enjoy creating with their most authentic selves to create our best lives! Every Monday, the flow event creates new understandings and synergy with who really are and your creative way. Only you, your willingness to be present and receive the presents of presence are required.


Join our events to reconnect with the real you and create a life of real JOY in your own way!