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Mini NodeCopter.js

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Gregers Gram R. and 2 others


In October 2012 the Web Rebels Conference ( sponsored and attended the first NodeCopter.js ( event in Berlin. We brought back a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 ( and thanks to Computas ( we have managed to get hold of 6 more drones. We are happy to announce our first NodeCopter.js hacking event.

This will be a full day event where developers team up in groups of 3 to hack on a drone. Each team receives (borrow) one Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and spends the day programming and playing with it. At the end of the day, each team gets to present their work to the other attendees.

Programming a NodeCopter is easy!
Install Node.js ( and get the ar-drone module ( All you need to do then is to execute the following code with node. This code will make your drone take off, move around, do a flip and carefully land again. Seriously, that's all!

var arDrone = require('ar-drone');
var client = arDrone.createClient();


client.after(5000, function() {

}).after(3000, function() {
this.animate('flipLeft', 15);

}).after(1000, function() {


About RSVP:

Please note that this is a very limited event and its free of charge. All attendees is expected to participate by coding on different projects. What projects there should be and what you want to code on etc is up to you so each attendee is pretty much left up to them self. Because of this and the limited space, please make 100% sure you will participate and can attend before you RSVP.

If you RSVP and can not attend, please be so kind and change your RSVP to "not attending" so the next person on the waiting list will get your spot. Be nice and do this as fast as you know if you can't attend. No show and last minute changes is no fun for anyone on such a limited event.

Be nice :)

Food and drinks:

With the support from Computas ( there will be free beverages during the event. Each attendee will have to supply their own food during the day but we can try to coordinate some take away or similar at one point during the day.

After the event we will head for a more relaxed social evening at a bar close by.

Also a huge thanks to Nordaaker AS ( for letting us run this event in their facilities.

Youngstorget 3, Oslo · Oslo
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