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What we’re about

Free weekly online classes led by skilled instructors. The classes give you an introduction to chakra meditation and key spiritual subjects, including mindfulness, personal power, love and happiness, balance, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. Classes will include 2 15-min meditation sessions.

Who this is for?

The classes are for anyone new to meditation and would like to learn and establish a meditation practice, or if you tried meditation before and would like to start again. Chakra meditation is powerful and helps transform your life in powerful ways.

Who is teaching the classes?

Classes are taught by seasoned teachers who have been practicing and teaching chakra meditation and mindfulness for many years.

What can you learn in class?

In these classes, you will learn how to ...
- meditate, and quiet your mind and emotions,
- find peace, balance, and happiness in your life,
- practice mindfulness and be positive during challenging times,
- be successful in your life, career, and spiritual practice.

How to attend?

Class will be held on Zoom

Zoom Preparation

- If you have not used Zoom before, please take a minute before the meeting to download the app and make sure it's all set up to go. Just click the meeting link above + follow prompts.
- There may or may not be a video during the session, but in case there is one, just "Pin" the main video, this will help you follow the instructor during class.
- Please only use the chatbox during class when necessary (functional, technical questions, and when you are asked a question), as it can distract others. I will take a few minutes at the end of each class to answer some of the questions.