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Lack of energy or feel stressed? Join us to

• quickly relieve stress and anxiety; improve sleep quality
• revitalize life force energy
• improve concentration, focus and brain power; realize true potentials
• boost immune system and recover from ill health
• strengthen bones and increase flexibility
• beautify appearance, improve memory and delay aging process
• ...

Instead of treating each and every symptom, Energy Bagua directly addresses the root cause by quickly replenishing one's vital energy and balancing Yin and Yang in the body, as a result, we see miraculous self-healing cases almost everyday for different symptoms!

Energy Bagua is a workout that shapes and balances your body and meanwhile a form of meditation that calms your mind.

Energy Bagua is derived from ancient Chinese culture and philosophy and it was developed by meditation master JinBodhi as a practice for balancing Yin and Yang and cultivating energy. Energy Bagua is a pathway to the union between Heaven, Earth and man, and to transforming energy and life. It has been gaining popularity across the world including Canada in recent years, and we would like to bring it to the local community and let you benefit from it as well!

In the Energy Bagua meetup event, you will have an opportunity to practice the form. After practice, you will feel energized, free, and calm. Numerous testimonies prove its magic. The practice sessions are led by certified teachers dedicated to the practice of energy cultivation, walking meditation and sharing the practice with others.

Don't know how to practice? Don't worry, it is easy to start and our teachers/teaching assistants will help you on site.

Besides walking meditation, our meditation center offers many other forms of guided meditation techniques as well, including sitting meditation, standing meditation and energy healing session. During the practice of these techniques, one can quickly revitalize life force energy, realize true potentials, lift spirit, boost immune system and recover from ill health, and dramatically improve life quality in all aspects. Periodically we will host introduction class on each and every of these techniques, stay tuned!

Bodhi Meditation does not discriminate based on gender, age, culture, religion, career or race.

• Energy Healing Session - Love and compassion bring positive energy. Meditation helps you communicate and integrate with universal energy, which in turn brings you harmony and wisdom. In the powerful energy healing session, many years of pain disappears and suffering souls are relieved and it has helped countless participants to rediscover their health, confidence and happiness.

• Standing Meditation - The meditation of greater illumination is a way to quickly replenish one's energy and regain vitality while strengthening one's immunity system, thus promoting mental and physical health. It purifies the mind and body, taming troubling thoughts and calming the mind. This standing meditation brings the practitioner clarity of mind and guides one on the journey of discovering one's innate nature and wisdom.

• Sitting Meditation - The meditation of Purity allows practitioners to quickly immerse themselves in a peaceful meditative state. Under the guidance of Meditation Master JinBodhi's voice, one can naturally enter into a state of purity by rapidly letting go of distracting and overwhelming thoughts. The sitting meditation technique can eliminate fatigue, heal the mind, strengthen the body, as well as subdue feelings of overwhelm and stress. It is a way to improve concentration and bask in illumination while unleashing our inner potential and sparking our innate wisdom.

Meditation goes beyond meditation center. From time to time, we will also do some outdoor activities, such as outdoor walking meditation, hiking, etc.

And it is free! Join us to start your journey to health and happiness! You will love it!

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