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Learn how 2 million Americans in less than 3 years have started their journey from Financial Insecurity to Financial Independence using the Financial Foundation Education Program.

The American Dream Reality Check:
- Only 40% Americans have $1,000 or more saved up for an emergency
- Average Debts per family is over $6,000
- Only 10% have over $50,000 Saved up for retirement.

Living paycheck to paycheck - Multiple Jobs to Pay Your Bills - Too Much Month Left at the End of Your Paycheck?
If that is your reality, and you're serious about moving your family from Financial Insecurity to Financial Independence, then this group is for you.

There are two ways to gain Financial Independence:
- Spend Less & Save More
- Earn More & Save More
We can help with both.

We have for this reason partnered with National Financial Literacy Campaign. The NFLC have educated and empowered over 1.6 Million families in last 3 years, and have a goal to educate and empower 30 million families by 2030.

By joining this meetup you will have access to all the resources provided by the NFLC including and not limited to:

  • Free Financial Literacy Workshop
  • Free Saving Your Future Book
  • Free Workbook for Workshops
  • Free Personalized Financial Strategy session from a NFLC Campaigner
  • Access to a platform to earn part or full time income by helping promote financial literacy

We also have goal to create this community into a vibrant forum to share personal experiences and struggles to help each other achieve our FI Goals. We do that with our In-Person & Zoom Monthly Meeting.

Disclaimer: This is an independent group and not affiliated with Mr. Money Mustache or ChooseFI.

From Financial Insecurity to Financial Independence

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