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What we’re about

Full Stack Data Science is the capability for the data-driven future we all know is coming.  We also know that the world needs more data scientists and full stack developers.  While we wait for more to hatch, we need to make more of our own because it is good for all of us to do so.  The Full Stack Data Science Meet-up is oriented towards promoting a “full stack” approach to data science bringing much needed integration to the data science conversation across multiple disciplines ("defragging" data science, so to speak).  How do you scale data science capabilities to serve the enterprise? Topics of discussion are centered on tough (and surprisingly common) challenges around data management; collection and ingestion; data architecture; exploratory, advanced, and secondary analytics; knowledge presentation and visualization; access and security, and measurement and assessment.  Full Stack Data Science is meeting the data explosion head on and hungry to identify new relationships and opportunities in our data.  In the end, the goal of Full Stack Data Science is help organizations, and the people in them, build a sustainable capability to improve performance, optimize investments, manage risk, and gain competitive advantage.

Full Stack Data Science is a Community Member of Data Community DC, Inc.