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GitLab is an open core company that develops software for the software development lifecycle used by more than 100,000 organizations and has an active community of more than 2200 contributors. With GitLab, everyone can contribute.
With that in mind, we created this global virtual meetup group to help community members connect with and learn from other members of our global community. We hope you'll join us!
The goals of this group are to grow our community, better engage with and increase connections within the GitLab community, increase awareness of GitLab, and better educate the technology community about the power of our platform.
As I mentioned earlier, at GitLab we believe everyone can contribute. Attending our virtual meetups is a great first step. We also when community members present at GitLab meetups or share ideas for topics. Let us know if you’re interested in being a featured speaker at a future remote meetup or would like to propose a topic.
All members of this group are expected to follow GitLab's Community Code of Conduct. Please review the Code of Conduct before joining the group. 
If you need to report a violation, email conduct@gitlab.com.
To learn more about GitLab, please visit about.gitlab.com.
Note: GitLab is all-remote so we don't have an office which made picking a location for this group a bit tricky. We choose San Francisco since we have a PO box there but we might move the group around from time-to-time for fun. :) 

Upcoming events (2)

Release Stage Office hour call

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Agenda Document

  1. Introductions - GitLab team members
  2. Introductions - Community members on this call
  3. What does grouprelease work on?
  4. Main topic: How to make your first MR to GitLab in 15 minutes
  5. Walkthrough of Ensure `environment` keyword is defined in GitL... (#370186)
  6. How to find other issues & what our labels mean
  1. Contribution guidelines
  2. Getting started with GDK
  3. Questions / Future topics
  4. Next meetings will be detailed in the Epic

Community Office hour call

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Join us in a call dedicated to you!

Do you have questions about GitLab, how to get started contributing, or the upcoming Hackathon?

Join us, bring your questions, or drop by to say hi!

Suggested topics to cover:

You can use your agenda/notes document to add your questions in advance or bring any topics you would like to discuss.

Past events (64)

GitLab's August Hackathon wrap-up call

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