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What we’re about

We are a Gnostic community founded over 45 years ago. Our practice is based upon ancient Gnostic principles with timeless tools for inner transformation.  We would like to meet people who are seeking a deeper spiritual path, one that unfolds principles for becoming more whole, psychologically and spiritually.

Our meet-up group in North San Diego County provides participants useful Gnostic methods for exploring inner truth, combating fear, and developing a deeper, conscious connection to their inner divine spark. Together, we will develop answers to some of the most important questions in life: what is our source? what is our nature? what is our potential? Through guided meditation we gain tools for dealing with inner fears, selfishness, and lack of understanding as well as expanding through love, joy, and awareness of the Inner Divine.

Our meditation is coupled with discussion of metaphysical principles, Gnostic mythology, and participation in sacred music. All are practiced in a joyful manner to probe our depths and find ways to unite the opposite energies within us.  We also draw on the findings of the brilliant Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung to help us explore the inward parts of ourselves. Several Gnostic masters and teachers with years of experience, alternate in leading the meditations and discussions.

The Gnostic way leads to growth in your power over the contradictions and hardships of everyday life. Come join us and let the Light within you be magnified.

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