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This group is for web professionals of all types - designers, developers, programmers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, marketers and search engine specialists in Northern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming. Aspiring web pros are also welcome. We'll meet to discuss anything from web standards to managing clients to search engine optimization. Join to learn, share, and meet like-minded people!


If you want to join the conversation (along with many of the other Northern Colorado Tech Meetups), go to https: https://tinyurl.com/nocotech


Our logo (https://www.meetup.com/goFCIP/photos/289869/#473011059) was designed with the diversity and creativity of our members in mind. The infinity loop represents, among many things, our appreciation for infinite creation, ideas and learning. The component parts of the logo also represent collaboration and kinetic potential. These elements all live in an abstract cubed space, which is a placeholder for their virtual environment. The <> symbols are a nod to the underlying building blocks of that environment, which is the internet. Many thanks to John Patzman of 1KRobots (http://www.1krobots.com/) for designing our logo and to the FCIP members who voted for this design to represent our amazing group.

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FCIP February Meetup: Real world AMP. Is it worth the effort?

Launched in 2016, Google AMP only recently entered into the mainstream conversation in 2018. As with all Google technologies, there are very strong opinions yet very limited real-world examples. Join us on February 19 as our panel of experts uses data from recently AMPed websites to discuss the implementation strategy as well as the pros and cons of AMP. Our illustrious panel includes: - J. Patrick Moran, J. P. Moran Design - Cecily Crout, CCSEO - Rich Staats, Secret Stache Media Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served at 5:45pm. The panel presentation will start at 6:00pm with Q&A to follow. RSVP today! MORE ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS: J. Patrick Moran has more than 15 years of experience creating web, print and large format graphics, working with small-to-large-sized companies in varying sectors. He has mastered the art of understanding what a client wants and how to best position their visual communication needs to fit the ever-changing demands of business. Learn more about Patrick at: http://www.jpmorandesign.com/ Cecily Crout began building websites in 1998 and started in SEO & analytics in 1999. Her love for human behavior, robots, language, databases and data provides the passion for her work. Her focus is twofold – for a user’s experience of a website to be easy and intuitive and for the website owner to have an effective web presence that helps them meet their goals. Learn more about Cecily and CCSEO at: https://www.ccseo.com/ Rich Staats is the Founder of Secret Stache Media, focusing on building awesome WordPress websites. His specialties include HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress, SEO, social media, copywriting, photography, and simply being awesome. Learn more about Secret Stache Media at: https://www.secretstache.com/

FCIP March Meetup: 4 Things To Know About the Future of Websites

As marketers, we love ourselves some nitty gritty trend reports and crystal ball-type forecasting so that we can stay ahead of the game -- for our own businesses and for our clients. And one of the most visible and crucial parts of any marketing strategy are our websites. However, most marketing trends are predicted by marketers (natch). But what if we could get a unique perspective from an expert who can tell it like it is from both a marketing and development point of view? Join us on Tuesday, March 19, as CodeGeek CEO Ron Zasadzinski talks about four things that marketers should know about the future of websites. Topics will include: - Preparing your website for voice search - Video trends for 2019 - The most important UX factors - Top 3 tips to keep your website secure Bonus! This event is a partnership between AMA Colorado and Fort Collins Internet Pros. Learn more about AMA Colorado at: https://amacolorado.org/ Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served at 5:45pm. The presentation will start at 6:00pm with riveting Q&A and other surprises to follow. RSVP today! MORE ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Ron Zasadzinski is passionate about responsive websites, usability, and partnering with marketing agencies to create elegant and compelling web presences. In 2002, he started CodeGeek in Fort Collins, Colorado, and has since worked with clients all over the U.S. Ron is involved in a number of ventures, including co-owner of The Hive, co-founder of the Fort Collins Internet Professionals Meetup, and is a flight instructor with over 30 years and 8000 hours of flying experience. Learn more about Ron and CodeGeek at: https://www.codegeek.net/

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Regex (both BRE and ERE) Workflows Graphic design (tools, techniques, from concept to result) Cool new hardware review iPhone apps (how to build) Color schemes (how to make colors match for engineers who have no fashion taste) i18n (internationalization) DRM and watermarking (what works, what doesn't, how to...)

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