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What we’re about

Inviting fans, users, lovers and haters - people of all ages, backgrounds and industries - who are curious about or are fascinated by Google. 

From casual coffee shop conversations and open discussions to hosting fascinating speakers and presentations, we're committed to collaborative thinking, continual learning, sharing of knowledge, learning best practices, and presenting Googley ideas in an open and friendly environment.  

Google products and services like: Android, Nexus, Search, YouTube, Fiber, Chrome, Adwords, Maps, Cloud, Apps for Work & Education, and others.

Ideas, initiatives, projects, and trends like: Google X, autonomous cars, WiFi balloons, Internet of things, mobile, virtual reality, future of search, advertising.

//Share thoughts, opinions, and feedback about past, current, and future Google products or services.

//Discuss likes, dislikes, what works, doesn't work, and why.

//Discuss and consider current and future state of technology/trends as it relates to Google.

//Present your own topics of discussion, be a presenter, or simply share your opinions & concerns.

Join today! We look forward to meeting you ;)