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GraphHack: World Cup Edition

Hosted by Graph Database - San Francisco

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We made it to the World Cup in Brazil, so let's hack some soccer stats! A few other GraphDB meetups around the world are also hacking on these stats including groups in Amsterdam, London, São Paulo and München.

We have a headstart with this GraphGist ( and this .CSV file (, that has data on all of the World Cup matches from 1930 to 2010.

We'll build on top of that by bringing in data from other sources and coming up with new and innovative queries. I've got match data at the moment but the intention is to bring in all the player data too. You will need to bring your laptop and have Neo4j installed. We'll do some work locally but deploy it as a GraphGist so others can build on top of it afterwards.

Pre-requisites: You'll get the most from the session if you've done a bit of Cypher before. Having said that, if you're soccer mad it's not very hard to pick up so come along anyway and we'll get you familiar with it by the end of the evening.


6.00 - 6.30: Refreshments, networking and getting Neo4j installed.

6.30: Hacking starts