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We're a regular meetup of people interested in GraphQL and its ecosystem. We have speakers from all around the globe telling us about the latest developments in the GraphQL world.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language for your API which lets developers describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern applications. You can use GraphQL with any language or platform to define your backend as a well-defined schema. GraphQL makes it easy to build great developer tools, evolve your API over time, and query data efficiently from any client.

Facebook initially developed GraphQL in 2012 to power its native mobile apps, and released an open-source specification in 2015. GraphQL is now used in many environments and applications by teams of all sizes, including Twitter, GitHub, AirBnB, and Intuit.

If you want to learn more, visit the fullstack GraphQL tutorial How to GraphQL (https://www.howtographql.com).

Who can come?

Everybody who is interested in GraphQL :)

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GraphQL Meetup #17 (online)

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Details 🙌 Join us for the 17th GraphQL Berlin Meetup! 🙌 We're looking for speakers! If you'd be interested, reach out to [masked] ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ⏰ Schedule 18:00: 😄Welcome & Announcements 18:05: 🗣Stefano Negri - Exposing GraphQL as Managed APIs 18:35: 🗣Ryan Chenkie - TBA 19:05: 🗣 Jesse Martin - GraphQL Up and Running with GraphCMS + 🎉 A Giveaway Surprise! 🎉 19:40: 👋Closing ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 🗣 Talk 1: Exposing GraphQL as managed APIs by Stefano Negri The talk touches the subject of benefits of managed APIs, like authentication/authorization and access control, rate limiting, threat protection, operational analytics, and the features the API Manager tools may offer as 'first class support for GraphQL". A demo may follow according to the time. About Stefano: "I'm Solution Architect in WSO2 and I spent my entire professional life trying to make applications and systems communicate with each other through different patterns and technologies like messaging systems, ESB, SOA and API Management or protocols like SOAP and REST. When I don't work I like to spend time with my family, doing activities like hiking, skiing or cooking." 🗣Talk 2: TBA by Ryan Chenkie 🗣Talk 3: GraphQL Up and Running with GraphCMS by Jesse Martin In this talk we’ll show off the newest features of GraphCMS and how our native GraphQL API supercharges developer productivity. 🎉 Plus, there will be a special surprise with a giveaway at the end for live viewers. 🎉

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