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What we’re about

Gratitude Consciousness™ is a comprehensive system that enables the practitioner to integrate spirituality into daily modern life effectively with consistent and sustainable results. This system is easily implementable, and is the culmination of decades of wisdom and practical experience garnered from experts such as Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, T. Harv Eker and many more.

Gratitude Consciousness™, in essence, is practicing spirituality in every aspect of one’s daily life, whether in the workplace, at home or in social situations. It is not about being in a religion or being religious; it is a way of life itself. Daily practice of Gratitude Consciousness™ brings calmness, peace, joy and freedom to one’s life.

This group is dedicated to those who would like to practice gratitude in every aspect of their lives. Ultimately, it is about consciously living the life of your dreams with joy, love and peace.

Gratitude Consciousness™ also has a Facebook page that collates inspirational quotes, a step-by-step practical guide, and other information to assist you to live a life of gratitude on a daily basis.

Hear What Others Have To Say

"The combined programs of Gratitude Consciousness (Breath Meditation, Rebirthing Breathwork, Mandala Drawing) have given me much clarity in my life and myself. Most importantly, they have been very important tools in my healing journey. Meditation has helped removed my anxiety. It also has become a comfort exercise that I can use anytime I start feeling the effect of stress on my life. Rebirthing Breathwork has confronted a lot of issues in my life and improved my whole being, my relationship with others, and my outlook of life. Mandala Drawing has helped me express and see aspects of my personality and characters that I have often forgotten. All these tools along with other reminders and advices from Gladys have changed my thought patterns that led me to much more love, a new energy, and a step closer to having a healthy, loving, balanced life. In two months I have moved from a dark place to a very warm loving brighter one." - Meta Setiawan, Indonesia