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This club is dedicated to precious women and men who are divorcing, divorced, or who are single parents. Why? Because only do we have the genuine rebirth that corrects our life's priorities and reinvigorates our zest for life, spirituality, and appreciation of nature and the outdoors. If you haven't developed your new instincts for rejecting materialism, living simply, and appreciating your fellow divorced community, then come, get out of the house and make new, positive, life-long friends with whom you can relate and trust.

SIMPLE RULES for everyone's safety and comfort:
1.) Please keep your profile updated with a current face picture so that our members can recognize you at events. This is for the comfort level of our organizers (especially those who open their homes) and the safety of our members. If you can't meet this obligation, then our group is not for you.
2.) Most events are adult-oriented, but when when an event says "FAMILY" that means its intended only for parents attending with kids. If you don't have kids that day, then its better to pick another event. This is intended for the comfort of the parents and safety of the kids. Don't worry, we will remind you when an event is intended only for "parents with kids."

Divorce certainly is no fun... or is it? Are you looking to find yourself again? Do you want to redefine your life, establish new goals, adopt acceptance, practice detachment, or create tranquility? Are you a parent? Look for family oriented events such as camping and day trips. Please post an ideas for events on the "Ideas" tab.

If you are tired of feeling the anger and guilt and are ready to get started on a journey toward an extraordinary life, here's a great place to start! This group is comprised of many folks who are experiencing new energy, spiritual growth, enlightenment, and fun never before thought possible. Use this traumatic time to reinvent yourself and relearn all that you have learned. Changing your life's priorities is a humbling and exhausting experience, yet worth every penny and every tear. Doing it with a community of supporters with similar life circumstances is even better. I am grateful that you have chosen to share your energy with our club. Most events occur along the coast from Pacific Beach to Carlsbad.

If you want some reading material, check out this book by La Jolla, CA author, Debbie Ford: (

Again, please make sure you are accepting of all backgrounds, races, religions, lifestyles, and ideas! Now let's go have some fun!!

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