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What we’re about

Happy2Walk is a break for a few hours from your daily routines. A bit of fresh air together with great people. People who are interested in life and who questions why we live the way we do. People who wants to create positive changes and gain new perspectives. People who are excited about living and who wants to get better at it.  People who enjoy meeting new faces and share a good walk and talk.

Together we hold the answers to life`s mystery so lets meetup and share how we all can become better at living.

When you join our walks please consider the following:

·  You turn off your mobile phone

·  You try to be as present and aware as you possibly can

·  You try to be as compassionate as you possibly can

·  You try to listen as well as you possibly can

·  You try not to judge anyone else

·  You try to leave your fear at home and feel the love and good energy that is created in the group

Happy2Walk Oslo creates meaningful walks in Oslo. We often explore the fabulous nature which surrounds the city and meet about once a month.

We look forward to seeing you on our next walk. Welcome!