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What we’re about

At least that’s how it looks like to us humans.

Someone else in another Meetup community has created it a while ago.

I just edited it a little and added some words for today’s time.

My heart is wishing for your continued involvement & support!

I would like to introduce myself.


Valentina was born and lived much of her life in southwest Siberia. Her grandmother trained her from an early age in the traditional arts of herbology and healing. This later expanded to include homeopathy and bio-energetic healing through gentle body adjustment — a very deep and advanced form of treatment and psychotherapy that penetrates to the body’s awareness where the blockages and roots of any condition reside. This cellular healing of emotional blockages and physical illnesses is created without medication. Valentina describes each experience so the client can fully participate in the transition processes — a counseling and energy work that opens up conscious awareness. The depths of love, the unclaimed gifts of the soul and knowing of God arise in her work.

With her Russian spiritual tradition, Valentina learned more about herbology and homeopathy in high school and University studies. She greatly expanded her medical understanding through her doctoral studies; all the while using medical knowledge and personal research to enhance the traditional methods she had been taught. The basis of all of her efforts, however, is her amazing love… where a healer’s gifts reveal themselves in the depth of his or her work.

In 1981, she received her master’s degree in Kemerovo, Russia where she specialized in anatomy, physiology and psychology. Her extensive research in environmental pollution and its effects on the physical body, combined with her knowledge of natural remedies, led to the treatment of radiation, pollution illnesses, aging diseases, work related illnesses and disease prevention.

From 1982 to 1986 Valentina continued her research at the Medical Research Institute at the Medical Academy of Russia. Through blood analysis and other biochemical functions, she researched the role that heavy metals and other pollutants play in interfering with the natural detoxification processes of the body.

In 1985, while working on her PhD in medical biochemistry at the government's Cardiology Scientific and Medical Center in Moscow, she began deeper research into how heart failure, multi-organ toxicity and other health disorders affect other body systems. Herbs became the key, linking the allopathic and alternative forms of medicine. Valentina proceeded to study the effects of toxicity & stress on the physical system and how energy healing can restore the body to its natural cycles for greater balance and wellness.

Valentina has been teaching and sharing her gifts with people of all ages worldwide for the past 30 years. Currently she spends her time between her private practice in America, Canada and Europe, her workshops offered worldwide & her charitable work in Russia.

More then 20 Russian orphanages and Elder People Living Houses are touched with her love and care, and that of her Russian & American friends in a network Valentina created as a bridge of love between Russia and America.