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This group is dedicated to advancing innovations that focus on improving patient care with the active involvement of Patients, Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, Engineers, and even Lawyers. If your interest is in improving the practice and performance of medicine, then this is the meetup for you.

Eugene Borukovich started the New York Health Innovation Group in 2008. Not long after he affiliated with the Health 2.0 organization and became the first local chapter of the new conference company. Our chapter has since grown to become the largest healthcare innovation-focused meetup in the world, running events that focus basically on nine different areas of medical innovation (Patient-driven, Hospitals, Physician-Driven, Pharma, Medical Devices, Apps, and AI/IoT/VR,...) We also do events and programs dedicated to Policies, Accelerating Startups and asking our crowd to help select the best new startups.

Thousands of investments, partnerships and collaborations have come from our events, hackathons, contests, and our crowdfunding platform, http://MedStartr.com . A few of the companies that have presented before they made it anywhere: Phreesia, Zweena, ZocDoc, HelloHealth, Medivo (now Prognos.ai), Avado (bought by WebMD), YourNurseIsOn (acquired), DrChrono, EpionHealth, Healthrageous (acquired), WellApps (acquired), Misfit (acquired for 260M), DocGraph/CareSet, Twiage, Care+Wear, Mymee, DirectShifts, Register Patient, and over three hundred more as well as StartupHealth and six other accelerators. We have hosted our own MedStartr Momentum conferences (examples: MedMo 2015 (http://medmo15.medstartr.com), Rise of the Health Machines (http://rise2017.splashthat.com)) and world leaders like Susannah Fox, Todd Park, Bryan Sivak, Regina Holliday, Esther Dyson and representatives from every major Healthcare Venture Capital and Angel group in the Northeast. The net result is a community of health innovators, accelerators, venture capitalists, hospitals, doctors, patients programmers, and more with a can do attitude that is changing healthcare every day.

We organize this group as our way of saying thanks for helping us launch MedStartr.com (http://www.medstartr.com) in 2012 and http://MedStartr.vc , our venture fund, in 2017 ...but this isn't about us, it is what our thousands of members, creators and adopters of healthcare innovation can do for healthcare.

Who presents here?

Patients who have defined issues to be addressed and / or designed apps to improve their health and the health of others

Physicians who create innovative care models, develop solutions, or simply are looking for new ways to address the problems they see

Entrepreneurs who create new innovative healthcare solutions

Hospital Executives driving development and adoption of new ideas

Nurses who reinvent nursing management or point of care solutions

Investors, Angels, and VCs looking for the next big thing

Pharma, Insurance, and Diagnostics companies that look for new technologies and companies to work with

Pharmacists who design better medication management, adherence, distribution or other systems

Game Designers who make patient education fun

Quantification companies that help people self-monitor (see also Quantified Self meetup)

Engineers, Programmers, and Hackers that invent and enable new care paradigms

Designers who love to design Killer Apps for Healthy Living

Innovative Government leaders seeking positive change

Reporters and Bloggers who want to see the cutting edge before it happens and spread the word

and so many more amazing people and companies...

Mostly what we have are the staff and leaders of the NYC healthcare innovation scene. By putting us all together in one place, we are creating the future of healthcare and made New York the healthcare innovation capital of the world.

Here is what has happened since we started this group actually: The middle bar is NYC and it shows how much funding has gone into health tech innovations in Boston, NYC, and Silicon Valley over the past few years. It was even worse in 2008 when we started, not even a tenth of Silicon Valley. By 2016 we led by 49%. and every year since then the gap is widening with gigantic deals that dwarf the 2016 numbers. Is it due to this meetup group? Fractionally we would say. Fact is that when people get together new ideas happen, businesses form or get customers, and great stuff happens. We also decided early on to be hyper-collaborative and have helped scores of other groups get started. Now there are a dozen healthcare innovation meetup groups in NYC and hundreds more around the world and it only adds to the momentum.


Here is EDC's take on it (not just HealthTech:) https://www.nycedc.com/sites/default/files/filemanager/Industries/Media_EmergTech/NYC_TechStats.pdf

And the original article on CBinsights is here: https://www.cbinsights.com/blog/digital-health-silicon-valley-new-york-boston/

STARTUPS: We are always looking for start-ups and individuals to present the ideas or products they are passionate about. Please be welcome to join the conversation, propose a topic, or suggest an alternative format. We are a largely user-driven group, so suggest a topic and we will do the most popular event. Email us here, Apply to be a speaker through your user profile on http://MedStartr.com , or Apply to pitch on the MedMo World Tour at http://bit.ly/MedMoWT - not just in NYC anymore!

We also enable more established companies to get their message out to the healthcare innovation community through sponsorship and speaking. So if there is an event, challenge, or product release you would like to talk about, please contact us (events@medstartr.com).

Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you soon!

Yours Truly,

-Alex Fair (@alexbfair (http://twitter.com/@alexbfair)), Heather DeLeonardis, Donna Cusano (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dcusano) (@deetelecare (https://twitter.com/deetelecare)), Lois Drapin (@Drapin (http://www.twitter.com/drapin)), Deanna Dammers and our awesome volunteers and event organizers (https://www.meetup.com/health20nyc/members/?op=leaders)!

Join us on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/138321), Facebook or Twitter: @MedStartr (http://twitter.com/MedStartr) or @H2NYC (http://www.twitter.com/#!/H2NYC)

MedStartr (http://www.medstartr.com) (@MedStartr (http://www.twitter.com/#!/MedStartr)) - Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation Programs and Investing

Call: 530.MEDSTAR (530.633.7827) or email us here (events@medstartr.com).

(A note on our present name / brand confusion: Health 2.0 is a trademark now owned by HIMSS which has very little to do with the old Health 2.0 Chapter network so far. We hope this changes in 2020 but we have talked and they have no issue with us changing or keeping the name presently and since everyone already knows us as Health 2.0 NYC, we keep that name up top still. On the other hand, you will notice a ton of branding associated with MedStartr and our MedStartr Momentum contests - #MedMo for short. That's because the people who have underwritten and managed this group for ten years started MedStartr and that IS a brand we own and can use as much as we like. So you may have noticed, for example, that MedStartr.nyc also comes here and we sometimes refer to the site as such. We would like to be resolved this someday but we and HIMSS haven't really figured out the best way to do that as of Nov 2019. We will keep you posted :)

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COVID Restriction
In order to make sure that everyone stays safe at our events, we require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test was taken within a week from the event to be allowed entrance. We will also be restricting the number of people allowed to register for the event.

We invite:
All Startups to Apply to get on stage and win entry into our portfolio of amazing companies and accelerator / funding program that provides up to 2 million dollars in funding. Win and we will put your through our due diligence process and probably invest in you. Apply here: https://bit.ly/reopenpitch

Physicians, Nurses and all other Caregivers that are looking for great new ideas to help their patients. Please join us for a special price, Free!
Patient advocates and activists to weigh in on which ideas they like best help us pick the best ones to assist in their mission

Hospital, Educational, and Institutional Leaders and Staff that are interested in mentoring, testing, trying, piloting, and promoting healthcare innovations.

Pharma, Digital Health Companies, Medical Device Pros and all all the companies that Partner, distribute, market, and do business in healthcare that want to find new companies to work with or just see what's out there.

Students, Startup Founders, people in transition and those interested in helping grow the Healthcare Innovation Community,

This event is brought to you by MedStartr Ventures, our VC fund that invests in and accelerates the best new companies in healthcare. Based in NYC, we know not all the best ideas are in New York so we travel around the world looking for them! We call this the MedStartr Momentum World Tour 2020, or just #MedMo for short. The team that created MedStartr.VC grew out of this Health 2.0 NYC community and also created MedStartr.com.

To learn more or to get involved please engage us on social media at @MedStartr or @alexbfair everywhere or call 530.MED.STAR anytime.

More about the MedStartr Acceleration Program:
Winning teams will be evaluated for inclusion in the MedStartr Acceleration Program which initially provides over $350,000 in funding and services including two years of support from the MedStartr Ventures team and Mentor network.

MedStartr is no ordinary accelerator though. We select companies that are obtaining support from patients, providers, partners, institutions and investors and then accelerate them with services and introductions critical to startups in healthcare.

Why Pitch? What is all this about Momentum?
Pitching at a MedMo event helps get all companies the momentum they need to succeed in healthcare. MedStartr was started as a passion project to help as many innovations and entrepreneurs as possible and we remain true to that mission. Healthcare has changed in many ways in the 11 years since we started but there is more to do. Join us and help evolve medicine until we all can live longer, better lives!

Apply to Pitch at https://bit.ly/reopenpitch

Alex Fair, MS - CEO and Co-founder of Medstartr and Medstartr Ventures
Sunita Parajuli, MD - Medical Director at Archcare Facility; Infectious disease specialist- Essen
Mette Dyhrberg, CEO, Mymee
Sai Thurulumu, CEO, DirectShifts.com

Have deep knowledge of Healthcare? Help us Judge by filling out the form at http://bit.ly/reopenjudge

Want to Sponsor or Connect to the Community on a Deeper level?
Call us at 530.MED.STAR [masked]) anytime or email us here.

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