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What we’re about

Heart of Avalon
A Growing Community of Support for Health and Wellness

If you seek (or want to help others find) a way of living that is healthy, less stressful, more balanced, sustainable, beautiful, more connected to the Earth, more immersed in community support, full of gratitude and celebration, more joyous, and more abundant... then Heart of Avalon is a place for you to create all that and more.

Heart of Avalon focuses on the local community of Health and Wellness practitioners (including therapists, light workers, artists, muses, teachers). We support their efforts as they offer their services to the community by creating classes, gatherings, workshops, and free community events. Our goal is to promote better health, less stress, self-awareness, conscious living, good balance, sustainable living, mutual support, and community connection.

Heart of Avalon seeks venues, practitioners, organizations, and individuals that are aligned with these ideals and want to connect with a community of others who are similarly aligned. With all of our collective efforts, we become a powerful and positive influence to our local communities and the world.