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This Meetup is focused on the Open Source Apache Kafka streaming platform and its ecosystem. Join us for networking and learning from use cases, best practices and more.

We are always looking for new community members to host events and share their experiences and knowledge. If you know someone you think should present or would like to host or get on stage yourself, message me at helena@aiven.io!

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Helsinki Open Source Data Infrastructure Meetup - June 2023

Reposted from the Helsinki Open Source Data Infrastructure meetup: https://www.meetup.com/helsinki-open-source-data-infrastructure-meetup/events/293486508/

Are you interested in learning more about open-source data technologies? Do you want to network with like-minded people? Join our June meetup, in collab with PingCAP, hosted directly in the centre of Helsinki.

We'll kick off with the exciting talks by Wärtsilä, PingCAP, and Bolt. Afterwards, we'll have plenty of time for socializing and food*.
*Note: this is an alcohol-free event.

6pm - 6:30pm - Doors open & welcome
6:30pm - 7:05pm "How Wärtsilä's Digital Product Development team uses Kafka to serve marine and energy customers" by Tero Turunen, Lead Developer at Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä has a wide variety of IoT data sources and a centralized way to provide data for agreement business is needed. In this talk we go through how IoT data is processed and distributed in scale using kafka and how monitoring is built using ksqldb.

7:05pm - 7:40pm - "Introduction to TiDB - a distributed SQL database" by Mattias Jonsson, Senior Database Engineer at PingCAP
Introduction to TiDB - a distributed SQL database. We will go through its architecture and how it distributes data and provides high availability. Besides its row-based storage for efficient transaction handling, it also provides optional column storage for speeding up analytics queries.

7:40pm - 8pm - "Disaster recovery procedures and cross-DC replication" by Andrei Fedorov, Senior DBRE at Bolt
We will talk about our findings while designing an architecture that ensures the seamless and uninterrupted operation of TiDB even in the face of significant disruptions, such as the complete outage of a cloud provider region.

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Helsinki Apache Kafka Meetup - end-of-year

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