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What we’re about

Are you highly sensitive?

Do you find yourself easily stimulated? Are you innately reflective, and easily affected by experiences? Do you need time and space to fully process every experience?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re likely a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). You can validate this by taking this quick, easy self-test:

Research has shown that sensitivity is imperative for the survival of both human beings and animals. You need to cherish your innate sensitivity. And be assured that this unique characteristic you bring to everything in your life has immense value to those around you.

If you want to understand more about HSPs and living life as one, this meet-up group is for you.

As a personality trait that has been identified and labelled only relatively recently – by the clinician and academic Elaine Aron – the “Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)” might find life as much a boon as a bane. My objectives of setting up this HSP meet-up are to increase awareness about this trait, and facilitate greater understanding for, and of, HSPs.

Being an HSP myself as well as an Analytical Psychologist (a.k.a. Jungian Psychoanalyst) and an experienced facilitator of sensitivity groups, one of my areas of specialisation is dealing with life as an HSP. 

In the HSP meet-ups I conduct, I apply my skills in understanding the individual while being mindful of group dynamics. And I’ve designed these meet-ups for people who’d like to understand clearly what it means to be highly sensitive, and the issues they face as HSPs.

Want deeper insights into this trait, and about living as an HSP? My Basic and Advanced HSP workshops would be ideal for you. For details, please contact me via this meetup group’s info page or visit my website.