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We're a walking group and we do lots of social events, trips away and, well, walks! We have a walk on most Sundays, as well as a couple of social events a month and around ten trips away per year.

You may have seen us before on the Norfolk Area Ramblers page, but now we have our own home. That makes it sound like we've had an argument, but we have't, we have expanded to the extent that we need our own section on Meetup.

We're a friendly and welcoming group and we're always looking for new members to come walking, drinking and eating with us :)

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Hike Norfolk 2020 Weekend Away - Seven Sisters (17-19 April 2020)

Seven Sisters Country Park


21st JANUARY 2020 UPDATE - Payment details sent out via Meetup and on the WhatsApp group. Please message me if you don't have them or haven't yet joined the WhatsApp group and want to. Deadline is 10 March 2020 for deciding whether you want to go. JULY 2019 UPDATE - I've now sent the recommended area that people stay, including some ideas for hotels. Please check your spam folder on your registered e-mail account if you've RSVPed and haven't received it. If you haven't got that message, please try and stay in the BN22 7AQ sort of area. ---- I'm going to start this with a little story.... 11 years ago a fresh-faced Richard May set up what was known as NYWG (Norfolk Young Walkers Group) and this later evolved into Beard. And it was then changed immediately to Hike Norfolk, a mistake in retrospect some of us think as Beard was memorable and unique. But, anyway, I've got distracted already and I haven't started yet. When we were NYWG we held annual trips to Beachy Head and Eastbourne, the hometown of Richard May. We sort of did this every year and we completed nine or ten of them. I've been to all of them, I've just forgotten how many there were. Some had a low attendance (two was the lowest) and some had a high attendance (fourteen was the highest I think). After a gap of a few years, this weekend is back on the calendar. Refreshed, reinvigorated and enhanced. Actually, it'll be nearly the same, but I have to sound on-trend and edgy. So, on the weekend of Friday 17 April to Sunday 19 April 2020 we're going back. FRIDAY 17 APRIL We drive (or get the train) to Eastbourne. We'll try and sort out car sharing. If someone wants to go down in the evening as they can't get the day off, that's fine. We'll eat in a lovely Eastbourne restaurant and go to the pub. There will be a short walk around Eastbourne, the pier, etc, on the Friday. SATURDAY 18 APRIL This is the day of our big walk. For 2020, it's split into two. The long distance walkers will start at around 09:00 (we'll meet near the B&Bs to arrange car share) and will have a different beginning point of the walk. The others will start at 10:30 and the long distance walkers will catch them up. I've actually reccied a new loop for the long distance walkers, it's the lost village of Tidemills near Newhaven. We'll walk along the coast and then go by our usual start point of Exceat Car Park (where the short distance walkers will start from). The long distance walkers should catch up the short distance walkers at Tiger Inn and that'll be our drink stop. We'll then walk together the usual route, getting lunch at a pub and then walking along the Seven Sisters back to the cars. In the evening we'll have a restaurant meal at the Marine Pub. SUNDAY 19 APRIL In the morning there will be a short walk with the aim to leave Eastbourne at 13:00. The awards of the weekend will be announced at just before 13:00 and then we all go back home. OK, now, the rules. Four weeks before the event I'll ask for final numbers so that I can book the meals. It's only at this point that I'll need final numbers and I'll be asking for deposits for the two meals. This is as much a social event as a walking event, so I'm going to assume that everyone going is also coming out in the evenings. RSVPs which are changed before mid-March 2020 aren't a problem, so if you're not sure whether you can go it's fine to mark as yes and then only decide in mid-March 2020. Once non-returnable deposits are paid, because cancellations are causing a complete nightmare for event organisers anyone who doesn't turn up we'll just leave the deposit with the restaurant. That's really it for the rules. Accommodation will be in B&Bs (or wherever you want to stay, but most people go for B&Bs). Ideally could everyone be vaguely near to each other? I'll post details of this in a few weeks in a WhatsApp group I'll set up for the group. How lovely. Julian.

Hike Norfolk:The Big Post Lockdown Walk


Just as soon as I get the official nod from Bojo I’ll be leading my next walk for Hike Norfolk. So rest assured, very soon... We'll walk again, don’t know where, don’t know when but I know we'll walk again some sunny day. In the mean time, let me have your suggestions ( post in comments below) as to where you’d like us all to walk. Of course, if you’re interested in joining me RSVP too! Thanks - Steve Note: the indicated date might change.

Hike Norfolk: Gig Night - Paul Weller @ the UEA / 2 May 2020

UPDATE: Tickets go on sale at 09:00 Friday 1 November. https://www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk/ents/event/9464/ Thanks - Steve Paul Weller announces his first UK tour since 2017 with 12 dates lined up in May 2020. Paul has recently been in the studio writing and playing new songs. The fruits of these labours will surface in the new year…watch this space! Tickets: £45.00 (Pre Sale) tickets are subject to a 10% booking fee

Weekend in Hull : 15-17 May 2020

Kingston upon Hull

As a little trial of this concept, I put on a Lincoln weekend away, similar to the one offered in Oxford last year. This filled up, so I'm putting another little weekend away on the programme, this time to Hull. Some people may say, why Hull? The answer of "why not?" just isn't good enough here, because there are many reasons to go, there's fine pubs, lots of free museums and the Hike Norfolk weekend will have all manner of wonderful company. This isn't a heavy weekend of walking, it's exploring the city and meandering around, so there are no long walks to contend with. I'll send round details of what hotel I'm in, others can choose whether to stay in the same location or elsewhere. I'm pinching the below paragraphs from the Lincoln weekend, as they still apply! Now, I like history and beer, so these will make an appearance during this weekend. But if you don't like history and beer you can still come along (going to show just how diverse my thinking can be). Don't come if you consider yourself as dead grumpy, I can't be dealing with that. You also don't need to be like Dave, the group's social butterfly, as to be honest, too many sociable and friendly people can get a bit much :) Er, that's it. And a note here on RSVPing. If I don't know who you are and you've cancelled events on me before, please message me before RSVPing as we might need a little discussion :) By this, I just want to confirm that you've actually read this far down my wall of text and haven't just clicked yes to going.... If I know you and you've cancelled on me, then you will already know how angry or not I am with you. That's it. I can cope with eight people.... I'll try and arrange car share. I say 'try' as I don't have a car and it's not up to me.... Thanks! Julian.

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