• Hike Norfolk: Ringland Evening walk/5 miles/28th June

    Needs a location

    Due to Norfolk Show I have moved the date of this to Tuesday 28th June.

    Join me for an evening walk around Ringland. Starting from St Peter’s church, we will have a 5 mile stroll around the surrounding hills and quiet lanes, and hopefully enjoy some evening sun and some nice views from the top of royal hill. As this walk isn’t very long, we will have a brief break for a drink part way through.

    PARKING: Park and meet at St Peter’s church car park off The Street in Ringland.

    Hike Norfolk is part of the Ramblers charity organisation. You can try three walks for free with any ramblers group, before becoming a fully paid member. For more info please see www.ramblers.org.uk

  • Hike Norfolk does ART Sainsbury Centre/6 miles/Thurs 7 July

    Needs a location

    Something a bit different for the art lovers out there!

    We will start from Bowthorpe and walk via Bowthorpe marshes through to the UEA for a lap around the lake. At around midday we will have a long break of around 1.5 hours, giving enough time to enjoy the art collection in the superb Sainsbury Centre and have lunch.

    The main permanent collection is FREE! However there is currently also a temporary Picasso exhibition on as well which costs £13, which I am going to look at. You can buy tickets in advance (advisable) or on the day if you are interested in this, otherwise the main collection is all totally free. There are toilets, a cafe and a restaurant at the centre as well.

    After our culturally enriched lunch break we will walk back through Earlham park and West Earlham.

    Parking is at Roy’s Bowthorpe carpark which is a free carpark. We will meet near the Norkie pub for 10.30am start.

    Please note if art isn’t your thing then this might not be the walk for you as you will have a long lunch break in which to amuse yourself! Please bring a drink and a packed lunch if you wish to eat outside, otherwise bring money should you wish to eat something from the cafe/restaurant.

    This is a Ramblers members walk. You can try three walks for free with us, before becoming a fully paid member. For more information, go to www.ramblers.org.uk

  • Hike Norfolk: Narborough/13 miles/Sun. 10th July

    Needs a location

    RSVP OPENS[masked] @ 6PM
    Please join me for a riverside stroll along the Nar Valley Way from Narborough to Pentney Abbey where we will have lunch before returning through fields and farmland.
    Please bring your own packed lunch and plenty of water.
    Majority of this walk is very open with little shelter so please wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
    This walk comes with a very high nettle warning especially the parts upto lunch.
    Free parking has been secured at Narborough Community Centre. Please park on the grass area to the left as you pass through the gates. I have also been advised the bar will be open for very reasonably priced post walk beverages.
    Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Hike Norfolk Weekend Away to Kent (15-17 July 2022)

    Needs a location

    It wouldn't be the same without a Hike Norfolk weekend away.....

    And we're moving away from Seven Sisters this year to the delights of Kent. Join us for a weekend of gossip, walking, craft beer, crisps and delicious food.

    Firstly, there is no limit to the numbers on this weekend. It's way too hard to organise an event with people dropping out, so this makes things easier for everyone. You will need to decide by 24 June 2022 whether you want to go on this trip which is between 15 and 17 July 2022. That's when we'll let the restaurants know the final numbers. Please try and keep your RSVP up-to-date though so that I have an idea of the numbers.

    Secondly, this is a group trip and there's a social and walking element which we all tend to do together. I'm not suggesting that we have to cluster together, do the conga in the evening and share a giant hall every night to sleep, but the aim is to have that nice social vibe going on as well so we can discuss in the evening how brave we've all been. I will have been the bravest obviously.

    And the rest is all fairly informal. The plan is:


    Get the train to Canterbury (or drive, but we like to promote public transport where possible) for an early evening of quick sight-seeing. We will do this trail:


    Which is two miles and I'll amend it a bit to make it a history walk, lasting around an hour before our meal. If anyone is there earlier in the afternoon then I'll lead a walk around nearby Blean Woods nature reserve. Times to be confirmed, but the walk will likely start at around 18:30 and end at around 19:30. The walk in the day would be 12:00 to around 15:00. I'll try and get the meal for around 20:00 to allow those who can't get time off on the Friday to get down (and I know that's tight, but hopefully gives an option).


    We're going to get a train to the seaside! Woooo! There will be a walk that incorporates history, fields, coastline, more history and the beautiful sea views. Route to be determined, but I'm going to aim for the walk to be around 12 to 14 miles and there will be a leisurely lunch. Back to Canterbury in the late afternoon for a quick trip back to hotels before going out again in the evening for a lovely meal and another heap of pubs. I'll make the walk as memorable as I can (I mean with views, not gossip or the like).


    Traditionally there's little enthusiasm for doing anything on the Sunday, so I'm inclined just to have a leisurely morning in Canterbury and then a lunch in the city before heading back.

    There's no cost for this trip but it's designed for Ramblers members (it's a Hike Norfolk trip, but members from any Ramblers group are welcome). If the venues charge me a deposit for the Friday and Saturday meals, then I might need to collect that in late June 2022. I'll keep in touch with everyone about that.


    Hotels are not cheap on the coast at this time of the year, that's why I've gone into Canterbury to give us some more options. Share with friends if you can to cut on costs, but ultimately, stay where you like. If you can stay in Canterbury that's ideal. I'm staying at Carena House and I've booked the 15 to 17 July 2022 (so two nights) and that link is at:


    If that's full, or you want to stay nearby, see what you can find. For those who like camping then there are some campsites, or just shove your tent up in a field (ask the landowner first) if you're particularly thrifty or just love the great outdoors.

    I will create a WhatsApp group soon for this weekend away, which will give you an opportunity to post if you're struggling for accommodation.

    Any questions, please ask!



  • Norfolk Wherry Booking - The Albion : Sunday 14 August 2022

    Needs a location


    WHERRY TRIP - 14 AUGUST 2022



    The Albion is a wherry which was first launched in 1898 and after plenty of repairs and modernisations, it's still sailing about the place. That's some heritage :) We hired it in 2019 and we had a very lovely day, so I thought let's do it again! They gave us some options on where in the Broads we wanted to go, but we can work that out nearer the time. I don't yet know where the wherry will set sail from, it can vary, but is likely at Ludham, post-code NR29 5QG.

    The way it works is that 12 of us (the maximum we can have) hire the book for the day with the charter costing £430, which is £36 each. The wherry is crewed for us by volunteers from the Albion, although they let us all have a go last time at the steering thing. It's fair to say that some were better than others (at steering I mean, not the volunteers as they were all marvellous!), but it's the taking part that's the important thing!

    What we did last time was take some food and drink and then share it all on the big table. But if someone wants to take their own (for dietary reasons or whatever) then that's fine of course. I'll create a WhatsApp group nearer the time so we can plan this.

    ****Some housekeeping. I will have to pay the entire sum in advance, so I need to make sure that I get the money in. When you RSVP, please e-mail me at [masked] or message me on WhatsApp so that I can send you my bank details. I'm afraid I will need the money to be transferred within 48 hours, as we've had problems before with needing to chase some people up constantly. If you don't e-mail me or make payment, I'll have to cancel the RSVP, sorry.****

    I would ask that if you need to cancel that you try and find someone else to take your place and then transfer between you.

    It's all very exciting :)