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What we’re about

Do you get excited when the holidays roll around? And by holidays, I mean any and all of them. Halloween, 4th of July, St Patty’s Day, National Rescue Dog Day, I Don’t Feel Like Working Will Someone Please Play Hooky With Me Day… You get it.

This group is for people in Northeast Florida who want to venture out and enjoy all kinds of holiday and seasonal fun. We’ll do some haunted houses, visit fall festivals, eat our faces off around Thanksgiving, check out Christmas light displays, play games on April Fools Day, and so on.

While it’s nice to have people to go out to eat or drink with on occasion, there are plenty of groups that cater to that niche. This one is about getting together to celebrate the holidays and seasons. And no holiday is too obscure!

So if you’re interested, go ahead and sign up. I’ll be adding activities to the schedule, but please feel free to propose your own if you’ve found something cool to do around here!

There's just one rule in this group:

If you RSVP and do not show, you'll be removed from the group. It's not fair to members who show up and get stuck waiting around for the no-shows. So do the right thing and update your RSVP if you can't make it. Even if it's an hour before the event, just let us know!

And, yes, there is a $5 annual fee to join.

It's pricy to run this group and coordinate all the events we do, so this small fee will help offset costs! Thanks in advance for contributing and I look forward to seeing you at our next holiday event!

One last thing:

If you're looking for something a bit more chill, I also run the Coffee & Creative Stuff group. We get together once or twice a month for a couple hours. Bring along whatever creative project or hobby you want to work on and enjoy the space and time to indulge in it!

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