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What we’re about

What is the Twin Cities Hot & Spicy Food Lovers Group?

Our group is open to all lovers of hot & "spicy" foods, and wish to indulge in the best ethnic cuisines that the Twin Cities area has to offer!!

We're a friendly, laid-back group, but we are passionate about great spicy food -- our only requirement is, "enjoy yourself"!

Can I host my own Hot & Spicy event?

Yes! Anyone can host an event!
Have you found a great local restaurant willing to take hold back nothing in terms of spicy goodness? Let's check it out!
Please don't hesitate to go to the group page and schedule a new meetup event for your favourite spicy hangouts.

Should I be aware of any ground rules?
As it takes a TON of planning and organising, to get an accurate head count of those who will be attending each event.

Therefore, our core group rule is that if you RSVP 'Yes' and can't make it to the event, please update your RSVP to 'No'.

Due to the excessive amount of no-shows recently, the Twin Cities Hot and Spicy Food Lovers meetup group will begin enforcement of a 'three strikes, you're out' policy.

For those people who RSVP 'Yes' and do not attend the restaurant meetup will be noted, and messaged each time until they have dropped out 3 times. They will have their membership terminated subsequently.

As a rule, RSVP will be closed the day of a meetup to assure that an accurate number will be noted for both the host and the restaurant.

Especially now that more and more restaurants are texting for an accurate number for a said reservation.

This policy is to insure our reservations do not inconvenience the restaurant due to a turnout that is less than was confirmed beforehand. It will also allow anyone who really desires to go with the group to be able to attend. Most restaurants can handle large groups, the limit will be increased as much as possible.

Hopefully your RSVP'S will reflect an intent to join the group and enjoy another meal together. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


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