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Ask your smart device what Trekking is, and it may tell you that it is a long and arduous hike. Yoga is many things, long and arduous it is not.

In the context of Trekking, without the help of a stick or pole, hiking can be difficult for some. When extending your hands to your feet via the poles, many stress points are countered, alleviated or re-enforced and quadrupedal movement is achieved. Stronger back and abdominal muscles are developed there by strengthening your core. Uphill and down hill arm movement is like repeatedly doing Yoga warrior positions with a plank between each step.

Using all four limbs in coordination with the activity can be challenging for the mind to tell the body how to use them efficiently. Safety! Always having two, three and sometimes four points of contact on the ground at the same time is a safer way of walking, hiking or trekking.
A studio of version of sticks and yoga utilizes the sticks to facilitate several  yoga positions. Mind and  body coordination practice comes naturally.  For the extreme Trail Blazers: Power Trekking is exploring the ability to use all of the core muscles up and down various terrain.
Practice power trekking with a YouTube; one hour playlist. 128 BPM cardio and a 5 kilometer route should take about an hour.. if you can maintain..

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5K Power Trek

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Power Trek

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De Luz Ecology Center / Elementary School / De Luz creek

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