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Whether you are an expert Python developer or just learning how to program, this is a group for those of us that want to meet with like minded people who are into programming with the Python language and don't have the time or inclination to be driving out to LA, Orange county, or San Diego just to meet for a few hours.

This is a group to share what you are doing with Python, to learn about topics related to the language, and to get help from others if you are stuck on something. Python is a very versatile programming language and it is used for a variety of applications and in a multitude of niche markets. From web development using Django, Flask, Pyramid, or CherryPy, to scripting other programs like Maya, Blender, FreeCAD or LibreOffice. From creating stand alone desktop applications for GIS applications or 3D printing, to rapidly developed utility applications for automated backup programs and web page scraping.

It can be quite surprising and inspirational when you find out what others have been doing with the Python language, and sharing and learning about Python in a loosely structured environment is what this group is about. So if you're into Python and are milling about in the IE (Temecula, Riverside, Redlands, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Ontario, Upland, Corona, Palm Springs, etc.), come and join us! We are currently meeting in Riverside on the third Tuesday of every month.

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Python Topic: Creating React web applications with Python

3600 Lime St ste 725

This month we will get a general overview of how to develop front-end web applications with Python using the Transcrypt transpiler. The talk will include a demonstration of a simple React web application, followed by a code walk through showing the different pieces needed to make it work.

As always, we will also have time for open discussion on any other Python related topics that you wish to bring up.

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Python Topic: Flask Add-ons

3600 Lime St ste 725

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