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What we’re about

Ignite Your Power to Attract is for men and women who want more out of their life. It’s about awakening to your true power, to what they were born to do. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, let go/release the negative energy/blocks. Bring more joy, love, playfulness in your life!

Illuminate, radiate, glow with self-approval, self-love, be comfortable with who and what you are….when you can raise your vibration of self-love and love for those around you….you will attract the life of your dreams!

This is the year to Ignite this Power inside of you…. The Awakening, Circles and Workshops are specifically designed for men and women who want to embrace their Divine Self. Find your true power, your authentic self, reawaken and rediscover a deep love for who you really are. To light that inner fire and become the person you have always dreamed of.

Our society taught many of us diminish our light, to not let our light shine too bright, or to only do this in certain areas of our lives. The Awakening Circles and Workshops are to help you realign with your true self, and to find ways to let your light shine as bright and illuminated as you can. The workshops will teach you how to raise your vibration, use the Law of Attraction so you can manifest the life you dream about.

Come Sparkle and Play, reconnect with your long-lost inner little child living inside of you. Discover your Beautiful, Amazing Self!