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In unserer Meetup-Gruppe teilen wir Erfahrungen aus Projekten und Learnings aus unserer Forschung zu innovativer Software, Technologie und Methoden. Hier ist jede*r willkommen, der/die sich sich für App Development, Web-Technologien, UI/UX Design, Machine Perception & AI, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Smart Devices & Robotik, Containerisierung und Cloud Computing begeistert und den offenen Austausch schätzt!

Warum wir so viele Themen behandeln? Nicht etwa, weil wir Profis im Buzzword Bingo sind, sondern weil wir als Dienstleister über 350 Experten in all diesen Feldern beschäftigen! Schau vorbei und überzeug dich selbst oder besuche uns auf inovex.de (https://www.inovex.de/)!

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Web Apps for everyone: Let's talk about a11y!

inovex GmbH - Office Karlsruhe

We are happy to invite you to our upcoming meetup about web accessibility. It goes without saying that accessibility is an inseparable part of good web design that helps increase the overall quality of the product and usability, and thus plays an important part in SEO. Most importantly, however, it helps us build inclusive web applications and make sure that we are not depriving any user of experiencing it based on the state of their physical ability. Tonight Tanja, Tim and Matthias are pleased to share some insights about building accessible web applications with you. And as always join with you in a lively discussion over pizza and drinks. Bonus: You can submit screenshot of a web UI and some explanatory words to [masked] and during the talk we will discuss what the semantic HTML of it could look like. A11y cookbook by Tim Roes and Tanja Ulianova Together we will take a deep dive into the most common accessibility pitfalls and present techniques on how to avoid them. From this talk you will learn what accessible websites are all about. The talk will be accompanied by implementation techniques with practical examples and live coding. We will also take a look at the tools available out there for accessibility audits and the ones that can be integrated into your development pipeline. Semantic HTML by Matthias Reuter 80% of accessibility is achieved by semantic HTML, they say. This talk will explain what semantic HTML is, show you how to move from screen design to semantic HTML using several examples, and introduce you to some lesser known HTML elements and attributes that improve accessibility and usability. Bonus: Send a screenshot and some explanatory words to [masked] beforehand and right within the talk I'll show you what semantic HTML could look like for it.

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Let’s play Lego4Scrum – spielend Scrum lernen!

inovex GmbH - Office Karlsruhe

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