Who Wants to investigate Blue Ball Tavern Museum in PA

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William McCroskey was warranted 237 acres, 94 perches, located in Rye Township, Cumberland County, PA, on June 2, 1762. William, his wife Ruth, and children, William Jr. and Elizabeth remained in Carlisle, but they made improvements on the land and rented it out. William died in 1774 without a will and his children were both still minors. On November 20, 1777 the land was offered at Public Sale. The following improvements were listed in the advertisement: house, orchards, and meadows. John Riddle, a carpenter and resident of Rye Township bought the property and owned it from 1777 through 1790.


Haunted: down in the Tavern things get moved like there is a deck of cards and sometimes they are spread out on the table sometimes they get turned over. There are bumps and bangs and the sound of things being moved when your sitting there alone. Light being turned on window shades being pulled back when you outside looking at the building. There is also a pair of roller skates in the display case that has a little girl or something that is saying it's a little girl attached to them.

The actual address is 59 State Park Rd. Newport, Pa.

Need the money by the April meeting. You can pay cash at any of our meetings or by paypal at [masked] paypal fee will be $21.